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Royal Wedding Simplicity 8252 Completed


I am finally finished with photos, project, and today, posting for the Royal Wedding Sew A Long that was hosted by McCall's .  I know I am late, but better late than never. LOL. When it comes to making projects, I tend to get bored quickly with something that takes forever to finish.  I don't like working on a ready made pattern for too long,  So, it's fair to say that I was actually finished with this project long before the due date.  I didn't enter it into the contest because of boredom (way too long).  I had moved on to other projects and fully completed them by the end of this contest.  I am trying to figure out how I am going to do them, but that is something that I will get around to eventually,

On to the dress.  I chose Simplicity 8252 as my projected dress for this ceremony.  I loved the vintage style of the dress and the sheer overcoat.  My original fabric was hard to find the right color for the overcoat so I changed my fabric choice quickly.  Once I found my fabrics and began cutting my pattern in preparation to get busy, I kept seeing and feeling like the forces of the YodaSew was against me.  I kept having issue after issue coming from every corner.  Because this post might be a little picture heavy I am going to just post the pictures with a small snippet of problems that overtook me.

While cutting out my pattern, I see a fingerprint.... hhhmm.  Ok, Keep moving
I remembered why this fabric was sitting and waiting.  From the time of purchase there were these oil spots all over and my intentions were to make a skirt, but I had over 5 yards of this fabric (hint,,, I had to lay pieces out to avoid oil spots )

Since I had 3 signs going against this project from the beginning, I decided to continue with it and just do me.  Was I upset that all these catastrophes were happening?  No, not at all. I love to sew and all of this presented challenges that I thought were workable.  This project was finally going to be a finished project and my determination to finish was great. In a previous post I had said that I would share why I have been having moments of lapse in my posts and right now I feel like I can talk a little about it. 

On June 3 2015, during the time of my oldest daughter's high school graduation I received an early morning call from my husband while he was at work to come pick him up from work and take him to the doctor.  I told him that I was busy making my daughter's dress for graduation.  After a little insisting that I come get him (thinking, what about his car I can only drive 1), I went to pick him up from work and took him to the doctor.  My baby girl's school called me while I was waiting for him and so I told him I had to go get her and would be back once I got her.  I left him with the doctor and went to pick up our baby girl.

On my ride, clear across town to pick her up, I started thinking why were his legs so swollen and normally, "He's the MAN".  He doesn't get sick.  What could be wrong with him?  He had been complaining of his back and how bad it hurt and I kept telling him that he needed to go sit at the doctor' office until he had a real answer because drugging the pain was not going to cure the illness.  He had been doing what I suggested, but he wasn't getting any results.  He showed me his medical records where he had his colonoscopy, MRI, CT scans and everything, but still he was only being drugged and not cured of the back pain.

I picked up out little one and drove another 20 miles back to the hospital.  Found him again and by this time he had been admitted into the hospital.  I asked him what was going on?  Why did they admit him?  He just smiled and said that the doctor would be coming in in a minute to talk with me.  I really didn't get worried or think anything crazy because he was smiling.  Within a few minutes 2 doctors came into the room and asked to speak with me outside.  Nothing registered until they kept walking past outside his door to this little room.  I hate those little rooms!  It seems like only evil lives in those tiny rooms and that's where they shoot your life down.  Blow you completely up inside a little tiny room.

The first doctor flipped a switch that lit up a screen full of x-ray results.  I thought they needed to take them down and put up what they had to show me, but there were tears coming from my eyes and as the other doctor was speaking already, I knew that these results were actually meant for me and not a mistake that they had left from a previous patient.  My mind was going out of control and I couldn't stop starring at that stupid board.  It was 3 days until my oldest daughter's high school graduation.  I needed to finish her dress.  I hadn't even started on my little one's graduation dress.

The more my mind swept me away the more that board looked back at me and with a quietness my Heavenly Father spoke to me and said, "I am here."  I asked both doctors were those really my husband's results?  They both replied, "Yes."  I was staring at CT scans that looked like swiss cheese.  Holes from the top of his body to the bottom.  I told both doctors that I needed a brief second to breathe.  Then I asked how long?  The lead doctor said 2 weeks to maybe a month.

In this tiny room I saw what I thought was the beginning of our retirement lives end.  In this tiny room I saw only our beginning, our girls, our whole military career together suddenly go dark.  How was I going to tell our children that their dad wasn't going to be around much longer?  I still had so much to do.  Then again I heard the words, I am here.

As I walked back to his room, I wiped my face and prepared myself for our girls.  I opened the door and immediately his eyes met mine.  It wasn't the look like that look when we first met.  It was that look of knowing and leaving the timing to break our girls' hearts up to me.  He still had that smile on his face and I had some half baked cat skinner grin while fighting tears.  The girls were joking and laughing, so I pushed forward.

It was getting late in the evening and I knew I would have to take the girls back home and he agreed with me that they should be comfortable while I prepare for this long tedious journey.  So, I let the girls say good night and I took them back (20 miles) home and just as I was pulling in the driveway the hospital called me to let me know that my husband was having difficulties.  A transfer was inevitable and if I wanted to see him I needed to get there immediately.  I dropped the girls off and I drove back to the hospital and as soon as I got the EMTs were loading him for transport.  He gave me a thumbs up sign and I jumped back into the car and followed the EMTs to Ft. Gordon to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center in Augusta, GA. 

Right now, I believe I should cut this down some because even though this much communication helps me, it still hurts me.  In Spite of being given a few weeks to live my husband lived until Janurary 5, 2016.  He was a true soldier to the bone marrow.  His last breathes were in my arms and our oldest daughter at his feet. 

After being with my husband for 22 years and being married 21 I find myself in a new life and still keeping my last words, to never forget.  After watching Anita Morris from Anita by design (a beautiful lady and awesome seamstress) and her family go through their recent loss I was jogged into another phase of getting back to life.  I know just how hard this is to go through, but I ask all who read this to stop by and show her your love and support because she needs it right now.  I sat with my grief for a good while and I still tried to post, but there are days when all I can do is sew silently to myself and sit behind the screen and watch others.

Which leads me to this project.  When I saw this challenge, a challenge was really what it was for me.  I had made a lot of things off screen, but I was determined to make, model, and post this dress.  I am happy to say that this is the final step today.  I believe that I went all out (somewhat) to get this done.  Even though it wasn't in the actual contest,,,, I finished.

I adjusted the skirt to make the front and the back a little wider, more 50s
Completed Dress without petticoat
Lined with silk taffeta
When I saw that the dress didn't stand out as much as I wanted I made a petticoat to go under it.  I actually had the Simplicity 0521/ 1427, but this petticoat looked way bigger than what I wanted.  I looked for something scaled down and found a simple fix with New Look 6516.  All the petticoats from S1427 required a lot of tulle and I was not feeling being hot and fruffi.  With a little adjusting I was able to make NL 6516 work quite well. 
The base slip is made from silk taffeta

There are 3 tiers of tulle, pre-gathered then stitched 2in. apart.  Only 10 yds of tulle used.  I was thinking hot the whole time.
There was another requirement for the contest and I want to show that now vs. at the end.  Everyone knows that with those royals those women and their hats for special formal occasions go hand in hand.  There was no way I was going to this wedding without something on my head.  Hence the fascinator.
I can not have imagined that I would like this little headpiece, but I love it!!! 
I found this headband already precover with black fabric at Walmart in a pack of 3 for something like $4.00.
Here is the completed final look.

The Review

Pattern Description: Vintage Misses Dress and Redingote

Pattern Sizing: 12-20

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? Since I a a vintage fanatic, I loved the look.  The sheer over coat was exceptional.

Fabric Used:  Cotton Sateen

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:  I added 2" to all sides of the skirt on all sides then graded to the waistline to make the skirt wider.  I did find a simple flaw with the last set of ties on the Redingote.  The instructions read for just a set of 2 ties,  I actually had the 3 ties ready, but ended up sewing snaps to the sides at the waist to secure it to the dress, but would have prefered the ties.  This was a tiring oversight on my part, but I actually understood there should have been 3 a little late, maybe next time.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?  I would love to see both pieces made from different fabric.  Make it again?  I'm not sure. Recommend to another seamstress would be difficult unless they like the vintage style.

Conclusion:   This dress is great for Summer.  It sews up to make a nice formal or everyday sundress.  The instructions were easy to follow because it was a basic style dress with a side zipper.  The overcoat was nice to make.  I used organza and used french seams for finishing.  I am in love with the overall peekaboo appearance of this dress.  I am pleased with how it turned out and just maybe will see another in my wardrobe down the road.  Even though the printing presses left a fingerprint on the pattern, it was still very usable and easy to construct.  The pattern suggestions for fabric leads into a whole different look and feel.  It just depends on where each individual wants to go with it.

Thank you for joining me today.  I had a blast getting back on track.

Until next time,,
Lots of Love

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