Friday, May 31, 2013

School Play,,,A Nautical Dress Tale

Good Morning

Our local school had a play and my youngest daughter decided she wanted to be "cute".  Quite surprised, I asked her what her version of cute was and she described something simple, but a little flash here and there.  I am always happy when my girls come to me and ask me to make them something and this was a time when I was going to come through with just what my little one asked for.  

As my mind went through different things that I could do, I kept in mind that she said simple and flash.  I wanted to make things easy for me so I told her that I had some fabric and let's go pick that out first.  If we know what color we are using then  we can go from there on patterns or something that I could make up.  At first she wanted yellow, but then her mind went to a pretty blue that I had just purchased.  After we got the fabric, the pattern was next.  She found several little sundresses and decided on the McCalls 5613 pattern- dress image A.   

My girls know that when it comes to something for the little one, I go over the top with lace and bows, so it is necessary to tell me to KISS---(Keep It Simple Stupid).  I kept trying to add different pieces of lace and bows to the dress because "Flash" was a word that I was going to use.  I cut out the material for the pockets and later in the evening she told me she didn't really have to have any pockets,lol,,,just wasted a quarter yard of fabric, but I will find something to put those pockets on...heheheha.

Well, this is what I ended up with and when she came in from school the next day her excitement was more than  worth the quarter yard (big pockets, she could see herself putting a lot of stuff in them). 

The flash that I added to this dress was the little hints of red, which gave the dress a simple nautical look. The front pleats made this dress so adorable.