Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fabric 101 Excursion Finds

I am so excited about my visit to Fabric 101.  I was amazed at the choices of top brand fabric and I got a little something for myself while I was there.  Let's take a look and decide what I should do with this beautiful fabric.

Yellow is my favorite color, so when I spotted these two pieces, I knew I had to have them.  They are both a cotton/linen weave.  If you live in my area and you are looking for some exquisite fabric, try stopping by Fabric 101 off Two Notch in the Sandhills area.  It was a pleasant visit and I will be making that trip again.
Now that I have this lovely fabric, the question is What to do with it?  Any suggestions?  I think something retro would be a fitting finish for at least one of them, maybe a skirt.   You tell me what you think along with a pattern pick.  Then  the pattern and fabric with most votes wins!!  Then I will go from there.

LOLPH, Dellia