Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cutting Out Patterns,,,Professor Pincushion

Hi There

Today I wanted to share a video that was very helpful in refreshing my memory of some parts of the sewing process.  I have a habit of wanting to skip certain parts and here lately I have slowed myself down to realize that sewing is about fun and the whole process is about taking your time to do things in an appropriate manner in order to achieve the best results.

I can admit that rushing through a project does not bring about a good outcome.  I have gotten down to the last piece of a sewing project and found that I've left certain steps to guess work, only to see my vision fall apart literally at the seams.  Then there is a choice to either toss the whole thing or start ripping seams.  I hate to rip seams, but that is all a part of sewing.

When I decide to make a garment, I make my mind up on the pattern first and then I go from there.  This video is definitely a slow down reminder that helps you to gather everything you need before beginning your project.

If you haven't taken a look at Professor Pincushion tutorials, try them.  There are answers for almost any type of question.

Lots of Love and Plenty of Hugs,