Monday, June 3, 2013

Sew Simple A1634 (DIY)


Today I have a pair of requested shorts.  They took a little thought and some care in placement due to the stripes.  I hadn't planned on making shorts with stripes, but I think these came out pretty nice.  My oldest daughter likes them and she was proud of her choice of colors.  The pattern that I used was So Simple A1634

Even though I like the shorts, I didn't have the 3/4 width elastic that the pattern called for.  My choice options at the time were 1" and 3/8".  I chose the 3/8 width because that would give 3 rows of elastic in the back instead of 2.
Here are the lines for the casing that I had to draw

This is the finished casing from both sides.
I was amazed at how well these shorts fit.  There was very little tweeking that had to be done and the total time was about 3 hours.  I think these shorts  with either size elastic would be a good summer wardrobe plus.