Saturday, June 29, 2013

Simplicity 1613 (DIY)

Hi, Today is really turning out to be a beautiful day.  The morning started out kind of dark and cloudy, but I still have a really neat pattern review to share with you today.  The pattern is Simplicity 1613.

I chose view D and some fabric that had some really cute silver sparkles in it.  This was my first try at sewing a really thin knit fabric.  I didn't know that knit was so easy yet so hard to sew.  In my mind knits are a little more difficult than satin, faille, or any silky type fabric, but they all have their drawbacks and hang ups.  In simple, if you want something silky then you have to deal with the unraveling.  Knits on the other hand tend to not unravel as much, but they stretch a lot (no pulling!!! Ugh..).

I made this blouse for my oldest daughter because she has a pair of white jeans and this is what I decided to add to her wardrobe.

I love the silver sparkle in this material. It added that extra flare that will her white jeans stand out a little more, even when she wears the jacket.
Aligning the stripes was a chore, but I think I got them pretty close.
I didn't have a double needle, so I improvised and double stitched the finished hem. 
The Review 
Pattern Description:  Simplicity 1613
Pattern Sizing:  4-12
Did it look like the photo on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Yes.
Were the instructions easy to follow?  Yes.  The illustrations were very useful.
What did you like about the pattern?  I liked the fact that this pattern was something that would be something that someone as young as my daughter could wear and something that I would wear as well.  Very versatile for different ages.
Pattern alterations you made:  None.
Will you sew it again?  Yes.  I would like to make a couple more for her and maybe one or two for me.
Would you recommend this pattern to others?  Yes.  
Conclusion:  This pattern flowed easy.  The steps from the instructions and the visual from the illustrations makes this blouse a home run for quick throw on blouses.  It made me feel confident with using knit fabric.  I would definitely suggest this pattern for beginners, but would suggest that you choose you knit (stretchy material) carefully.   A few suggestions would be 
Click photo 

Click photo
Click photo
Click photo

All of the examples are of knits in print, but you don't have to go with a print.  There are solids which are always going to be a good choice for this pattern and then there are the animal prints for the leopard or zebra print fans.  As you can see, stripes can have a positive outcome as well.  There are just about as many blends for knits as there are color choices.  

Because there are so many different types of knit blends, I suggest going with a cotton blend for your first knit.  Cotton blends have a more steady hand than their slinky silky polyester blended counterparts.  By using a rougher blend you will get a better understanding of how the knit family works, moves, and fits.  Either way, you can't loose with a pattern this good and an awesome piece of fabric (less than 2 yds).