Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY, McCall's 6741

Today was a very special day.  I finally completed the McCall's pattern 6741.  The material was perfect. The fabric suggestions are Linens, Lt. Wt. Broadcloth, Challis, and Faille.  Since broadcloth and linen was in the line-up, I used a 100% cotton fabric that was very light weight.  I found the material at Wal-mart for $4.99 a few months back.  

When I started on this dress, I was gung ho about how it would turn out and really wanted to complete it.  All the while I was sewing, my enthusiasm was growing, but my mind was telling me that I should not have used this particular piece of fabric for this particular pattern.  I really wanted a black and white dress,,so tell me why did it have to be this one?  To find out why I asked this question,,,read on for the review.  Here are the finished photos and hopefully you will see what was coming together for my big dream of a black and white dress.
Front of the dress.
Back of the dress.
Front placket.  The way this lays makes me want to either cut it off or add a button/ bow.
The lining at the zipper.  I had to hand sew this instead of machine sewing because I wanted a a smoother finish for this dress. 
The sleeve 
Front pockets.  I think the way these pockets are set in, is such a cute feature to this pattern.
Now, on to the review....This has to be the worst setting of sleeves that I have ever encountered.  I love the design of the dress, but my goodness,,,The Sleeves.  Setting the sleeve in with the lining, this particular way was a "not so bright" design decision.  I have had some sleeve setting issues before, but these take the cake,,candles too.

Pattern Description: Misses'/Women's Petite Lined Dresses
Pattern Sizing: B5 (8-16). I cut a 14
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Yes.
Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes. Until you get to the sleeves. 
What did you particularly like about the pattern? I liked that the pattern was fresh and it had a unique way of presenting itself, just straight and simple.
What did you not like about the pattern? I'll say it again,,,those sleeves went into overkill.  If this pattern doesn't make the top 1000,, the sleeve assembly would be why.
Did you make any pattern alterations? No.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? No, I definitely will not be sewing this one again.  I might would recommend this pattern to someone who is more advanced than I am, but that would be a slim call.  It doesn't register in my favorites list.
Conclusion: Before you buy this pattern  be sure to read over the instructions.  I went directly by the instructions because that is what I set out to do, for once.  The process wasn't as easy as I had hoped, but I completed it.  I do not recommend this pattern for anyone who has not had a lot of sewing time in.  A more advanced sewist will be able to manage with the instructed instillation of the lining/sleeve, but a newbie/advanced beginner will have a more difficult time here.

This is a brief update for this pattern.  I decided after looking at the pictures we needed to see what it looked like live and in person.  So here is this dress in action.  I actually love the dress even though it was hard work.