Monday, July 22, 2013

It's Time To Sew A Long

I was going through my pattern stash and found a beautiful faux wrap pattern coordinate set from Simplicity.  I decided to make this pattern a sew a long tutorial.  I like that this dress is capable of being a good work dress/ pant and top set or even a night out on the town dress.  Anything that you can imagine is in this one pattern.  For this project we will need Simplicity 2369
Be sure to purchase your pattern in your size.  

Follow the pattern instructions on the back of your pattern for notions that you will need to complete this project.
I am making my project in a size 14, VIEW (A) with the sleeves from VIEW (B).  If you would like to keep the sleeves from VIEW A or VIEW C, follow the guide for material yardage for which ever one you choose to do.

My size requires 3 yards (yds) of  knit material.  Smaller sizes will use less fabric and larger sizes will basically use the same 3 yds that I will be using.  Notice that the pattern suggests using stretch knits only. That includes cotton interlocking knits, jerseys, light weight double knits, stretch velvet, novelty knits, etc.  There are a lot of different types of knits that can be used to make this project with.  You just have to choose your color and go from there.  I had some material on hand so I am going to be using that piece of material for this project.

I have read over the instructions and made a few adjustments mentally as well as to the pattern to accommodate the changes I have planned.  As I go through this sew a long, I will point out these changes so that you will know how I got my garment to look the way that I want.  Example,  I want more material at the bottom part of the dress (hips down all the way around) and I also want the back longer than the front.  I noticed while cutting the pattern out that when I measured it against Sarah (my adjust-a-form) it was a little short for my taste which is why I am making these changes.

If you are making VIEW  A, B, or C understand that you will be cutting out all of the pieces as they are combined together to cut down on the bulk of the packaging.  When cutting out your pattern, cut your pieces out as instructed according to the VIEW that you have chosen.  I will be using peces 1-7.  Pieces 5 and 6 will be cut to the make the shorter sleeve.  Save all pieces from the cutting of the pattern because you may want to change it up if you decide to do this project again (tape is your friend).

For the layout, refer to the instructions according to which project you are choosing to do.

Well, I am off to try and get ready for tomorrow.  While I am getting ready, those of you who are up for the challenge chime off and let the sewing begin and let's have fun.