Thursday, July 25, 2013

Simplicity 2369 Sew A Long Tutorial Continued Pt 2

I am such an instant gratification person, which is why I had to try this dress on Sarah.  Once I saw the progress on her, I knew this was going to be a keeper. Yesterday we accomplished so much with out sew a long.  Now today, we are going to finish up some loose ends and try on our new maxi.  When I put up shop yesterday I noticed that there really wasn't that much left to do, so let's continue with setting the other sleeve.
I find that while you are sewing, if you put your hand/ fingers next to the presser foot, it holds the fabric perfectly still and you get an even seam. 
Once you set the other sleeve, prepare your belt ties and keep your markings in mind (check to make sure they are still there).

Next, take your neck facing, fold it in half lengthwise (wrong sides together, right side facing out).  Then pin it to the bodice making sure that the notches are aligned and the dots match up at the shoulder.  Sew the facing to the bodice, starting at one end of the neck facing (I sewed facing up).  Slowly and lightly pull the facing while you sew.
As you connect the facing, tug it just slightly so that the bodice and the facing are smooth and parallel to each other.  Continue doing this until you have the facing completely sewn to the bodice.
Any fabric that is overage, Trim it.  If you don't, it will add bulk to the finished product.
Yes, this happened to me while I was busy as a little bee.  Here's a little clue about ripping out stitches that  just aren't cooperating with you.  If you clip the bobbin thread on both ends (every few inches for longer stitches) then release a few stitches from where the problem stitch begins, then tug just like you would when making gathers, the whole stitch will come out without a fuss.

Connect the belt to the front right overlay at the pleated area.  Be sure to stretch the belt from end to end, then press the tie away from the bodice, stitch over the top, then trim the remaining end pieces on the backside. 
With the right sides together, flip the garment outside in.  I started with the left side first.  Match the belt tie with the big dot and the small dot, pin it between the front and back panels then stitch all of this together.  For the right hand side sandwich the 3 piece of fabric together (back panel, front panel, front right overlay), pin then together keeping the dots aligned, then stitch.  Be sure to check your stitch line to make sure that you haven't sewn something that you might need later and to ensure that your fabric is even. 
The ending to this is quit simple, the hem.  I always save the hem for last because I never know what I might have to do.  Earlier in the pattern the instructions wanted you to hem the sleeve after you had joined them together.  I still maintain that hemming any garment should be done last and it doesn't matter if it's at the top or the bottom.
Here is the final project.
This is where you see the 4 inches on the sides, 2 inches in the back and the 3 inches in length.
Whew,, that was fun.  I enjoyed doing this tutorial and ended up with a very nice maxi dress to boot.  Thank you for joining me.  Until next time.