Saturday, July 27, 2013

Trip to Barnes and Nobles

My baby girl and I went out for a stroll and I could not resist the sewing bug.  For the past few days, I have been trying to make my mind up on a few book purchases that I felt would help me with my sewing skills.  My mind was washed with 2 contenders for my attention, Colette Sewing Handbook and Gertie's New Book For Better Sewing.  Between the 2 books I could not decide which one I would get to kind of guide me along my seamstress path.

While I browsed for a book for myself, my little girl found a cute little book for her entertainment and just demanded that I read a few pages to see if I liked her book.  Well, needless to say that while I perused her little book, I began to make my mind up as to which book I was going to study from next.  Here is my selection..

Out of all the things that I got, I think Adventure Time was my favorite.  My little girl has been reading to me since she got it.  I had to make her go to bed last night because she couldn't put her new book down.  The topping on the cake was my Colette.  I immediately started reading and just can't put this book down.  There are many interesting things inside these covers and let me tell you,,,If I can't put a book down, it must be good.  Every page is an attention getter.   Here is a sneak peak at the goods inside.

Yay!!! Patterns Included

There is a human modeling the dress.  Now I can really see what the dress is suppose to look like.

Fabric suggestions and chart for estimated fabric use

Size chart

This book was a great purchase.  I see a lot of useful tips and there is 1 that has me stumped.  I was taught from the that all the pattern pieces had to be laid out gong in 1 direction.  I see in this book, several different time, the flip/ flop of a pattern piece in a completely different direction, this is confusing and hard to wrap the brain around, but I'm going to try it.  Embrace the

So, I've filled my weekend with reading (studying) and reorganizing my sewing room.  I am leaning toward making the girls their coats for this season and a few Halloween costumes, either way, next week will be full of back to school business.  Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the weekend.