Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DIY--Circle Skirt


When I first began sewing my favorite thing in the world was a circle skirt.  I never thought that Home Economics should teach you how to make aprons, but clothes that you would one day wear.  My Home Ec. teacher thought the same thing.  She had us make an item of clothing for our first project.  She used this item to measure our skill level and then she would assign tasks according to how well our project went.  Several of the girls in that class did very well.  There were some of us who could read the directions and follow them pretty good, but there were others in the class who knew sewing was not for them.

Circle skirts seem to have played a large part of women's dress clothing for ages.  They are a popular item for any closet.  The different styles, lengths, and colors for some reason makes this a skirt the girly choice for me.  

I made this skirt for my little girl because she is the girly girl and she loves colors.  I didn't use a tutorial to make her skirt but here are a few that might help you make some for your little one or even yourself.
Flashback: Reversible Wrap Skirt
Circle Wrap Skirt

          A House Made of Straw Circle Skirt

A place to go for circle skirt inspiration.

Before I go, I would like to show you my little Girly Girl in her circle skirt..
This skirt took 15 minutes. All it took was 2 side seams, a casing with elastic and a hem.  Many more of these in her future!!!

Thank you for viewing today,,LOLPOH,,,Dellia