Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Wardrobe Planning with New Patterns from Butterick


For several days I have viewed ad reviewed the New Fall 2013 patterns from Butterick.  I have to say that not all of the patterns made the "Must Have" list, so today I'm only going to list the ones that did make the cut and a couple of possibles.

First up is this delightful vintage style pattern B5951.

This pattern is so soft and feminine.  The lines are plain and simple.  The puff on the sleeve adds that hint of femme fatale while the ruched bodice and sleeves smoothes out the rough edges.  Variations to the skirt allows for an A-line skirt or straight skirt finish.  The fabric choices (Challis, Faille and Crepeare kind of crazy, but I am guessing that this adds to the softness of the dress design.  I don't really like the fabric choice, but I can still see that this is a dress worth mentioning.

Keeping in line with guided fabric choices I would go with something like the two below and I would definitely stick closer to a solid if I wanted to be more bold and less feminine.
Next, I have B5949

I like this pattern, but I don't like the shoulder detail.  I don't like things that makes my body look lopsided.  I prefer the second view over the first one and I love the different variations of sleeves and skirts.  With the different options you don't have to make the view on the left if you are like me in cutting your body into separate pieces to intentionally look lopsided.  Recommended fabric choices Crepes, Wool Blends, Gabardine, and Sateen.   All of these fabrics would be perfect for this dress.

Now we come down to my 3 favorite picks.
Patterns By Gertie B5953


These 3 make it to the top of my favorites list.  I am totally a Gertie fan and I love her pattern (black/white).  Gertie has a way of understanding vintage style and women's bodies.  It seems as if she goes back in time to find the best of an era and brings it to life for today's vintage buffs.  My other two choices are just simple designs that will also withstand the fashion trends and roll with the times.  The last of the 3 is the coolest dress ever.  The fabric recommendations are Jersey and Cotton knits.  If you look at the fabric from the photo cover, you would think that it is a satin or silk, but it's not.  To get that  look be prepared to make your purse a little lighter, but know that when you are done, you will have a garment that shines (like Diamonds).  No $5.00 knits here!!! (catch a good sale,,hint)

With these being my most loved patterns from Butterick this Fall, I have to mention that I do not recommend these patterns to newbies at all.  I am only looking at some of the details from the pictures and I already know that these are going to be a handful for a seasoned sewist.  If you are a beginner and you have to have one of these patterns for this season, start with the Gerite pattern B5953.  Why this pattern?  The fabric that is used to make this garment is a little easier to sew with.  You might have more pieces to put together, but I believe that with these patterns it's going to be about the material.  And besides, you get to practice button holes.....Yay!!!.

Ok, down to the honorable mentions and my least favorite.
B5958 This jacket is awesome.  I would love to have one in every color of the rainbow.

B5952  This outfit runs the line of vintage.  I like the dress and I'm sure I've seen it before, but either way the fabric choice for display throws me off, but the dress is nice.
B5966 I am in love with this coat.  It has simple lines, flared bottom and no collar...Love It!!!

These 2 blouses are on point.  I like the sleeves on B5967 and I like the unusual character of B5954.

Finally, I come to B5962.  My honest opinion about this pattern is,,,,,,I don't like it as a set.

This suit is ok, but the jacket and the skirt together are not a good combo for me.  I am looking at the back view and I think,,,,"If my backside is already humongous, this suit will make me look like a HIPPO!"  However, I would still buy the pattern.  I think the pieces as separates are perfect.  The jacket with a straight long or short skirt would be nice.  The skirt with a softer blouse or a more refined jacket (closer fit) is a better combo.