Saturday, August 17, 2013

McCall's 6566, Misses Tee Top


I finally found something that my oldest daughter actually likes and fits her style to a Tee. McCall's 6566 was the perfect prescription to finding something for my teenage fashion Diva's taste.  To say that her fashion sense is simple and plain, is a nice way of saying that she has idea no about fashion or style. Buying for her has always proven to be a big task because her favorite colors are either black or white.  Before school,
every morning, she will change her clothes 5 or 7 times only to put back on what she originally started out with.

So, what am I suppose to do when I have a teenager who has a weird taste in fashion wanting me to make stuff out of thin air,,,her way?  Compromise, improvise, and flip a coin.  I find that making clothes for her is a hit or miss type of situation.  If I make something that she halfway likes, she might wear it.  If I make something that I like, she will sabotage it in some way (not stand still for the fitting, lean her body to one side, or suck her stomach in during measurements).  I have come to learn that when she asks me to make her something,,,,ignore her initial elation about the project.  She means well, but at the same time I know it's going to be a struggle.  She is all excited for about the first 10 minutes and then she's gone.  I think she wants "Bewitch" to twinkle her nose and instantly her wish has been granted within those 10 minutes.  Teenagers, and a girl at that.

The answer to the million dollar question is,,,,,something quick and easy in whatever color she chooses.  My daughter is a girly type girl, but she is a simple girly girl.  I've noticed that she doesn't like the bows and lace side to girls.  She just likes to cover her body in something like THIS, THIS, or THIS.  If she thinks she is dressing up she might go for something like THIS or THIS.  Either way it goes, she is going to wear something that resembles a T-shirt unless I make a fuss.

Here is what worked for her.

This is a really simple T-shirt and it is very easy to make.  I loved how this top turned out and I look to make more for myself.   I hope you enjoyed this time with me...until next time LOLPOH,,, Dellia