Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY, New Look 6181,,,The Fabric From Outer Space

You will not believe what I am about to post today.  Have you ever had that piece of fabric that just took you by suprise, but not completely shock you off your feet?  Well, I just finished New Look 6181 and I would like to say that I had a good time making this dress, but I didn't.  I had been eyeing this fabric that's been in my stash for quite some time. I never paid any attention to the fact that I would politely move it around or just walk past it like it didn't exist, but now I know why I kept it in the corner, in the dark, way in the back of my stash.

When I began this project, I was enthused about having another perfect dress for my empty closet.  I thought this would be an easy task, right?.  The pattern read very easy and I should have been able to put it together fairly quickly, but here's the laugh.  The pattern was a good pattern, but the fabric was from outer space.  It has skates and a mind of it's own.  The more I touched it the angrier it got and the more heartbroken I had become.  I looked around and I thought about throwing it in the TRASH, but I couldn't let a piece of fabric ruin me or run me.  I was the boss of my machine or so I thought.  I kept trying everything I could to make that fabric be still, I even took down the tissue paper, wax paper, and typing paper.  Nothing was going to do this fabric any good.

BUT WAIT!!!  If this garment was going to survive my wrath it had one hope and one shot.  I quickly picked up my phone and made my last call to my life line, MOM.  The phone rang 6 or 7 times, no answer.  I called cellphones, both hers and my dad's, still no answer.  I went into panic state and then I broke down into tears.  My progress was progress, but it was so slow and so time consuming to fight with this alien that was looking at me.  My dreams were fading and phone rang.  I didn't check to see who it was ( too many tears), but that voice sparked a fire that burned my heart back to life.

"Hi Mommy".  Somewhere in her mommy bones she could tell that something was  "What's the matter baby?"  I started spilling the beans of this extra terrestrial fabric as she let out a smiling laugh she spoke so calmly and lightly, "Baby, have you tried some glycerin rose water?"  I looked up at the ceiling, as if I needed to question the answer, then all of a sudden my heart attack ceased.  My tears were gone and so was I.  I grabbed my car keys and off to Walmart I went.  My mom was on the phone with me while I got this beautiful liquid.  She instructed me to rub a little on my hands and then use what was on my hands to rub the fabric.  I did as instructed and voila'.  My serger was actually sewing and my straight stitch was working on this alien raw hide
Hahaha, Who had the last laugh?  Let's see.

Side leg slit.

Back ties.  This is the cute part to the dress
Arm opening
Steve Madden sandals
I believe that I conquered an alien.  This lovely fabric is a polyester Charmeuse.  I did not think that it would give me such a fit, but with the help of my mom, tissue paper and some glycerin I have a moment to think about a few things,,like never choosing a poly charmeuse again.  LOL, just kidding.  I would tackle it again in a heartbeat, just let me catch my breath first.

Thanks you for viewing my post today.  Have a great weekend.  Until next time,,don't let the aliens get you.