Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Mega Great Sale At Hancock Fabric Store

 I just got my sale's flyer from Hancock Fabric Store and I wanted to share some of the great sales for this coming week.

This week is Columbus Day Sale at a lot of stores, but for many of you who are like me, you love fabric sales.  So, to cure the hunger for fabric Hancock Fabric Stores are having an awesome Columbus Day sale from October 10 thru October 14.  This sale is going to have just about everything that you could ever possibly need for all of your sewing needs.

To start, I love sewing patterns and right now Kwik Sew patterns are $7.99, Simplicity patterns are 5/$5.00, $4.99 for Vogue patterns, and McCall's are just a mere 99 cents.  If you are a little sad with your pattern stash, this is the sale to that will pick up your stash and turn it around.  Beginning sewists, catch the Columbus Day wave.

Now, on to my dream machine.  Yes, this is a dreamy sale on sewing machines.  Here is my choice for a great sewing experience.

If you have been in the market for a new serger, here is the Janome serger Model 3434D that could lift your sewing spirits and up your sewing skills tremendously.
This is the wonder machine, Singer Superb.  It has so many features until I'm not going to mention them, just go take a sneak peak and see for yourself, if this is the right fit for your next machine.
These machines are not the only ones on sale, so don't let these fool you.  They also aren't the best that in the sewing machine department, but they are good machines.  This is strictly a recommendation for replacing a failing machine and what better time to put an old machine out to pasture than with one of these new gems
at The Columbus Day Sale.  

Hold your shoes for this one, if you buy your serger, be sure to get the thread that goes with it.  For the rest of this month Maxi-Lock serger thread is on sale for $1.99. Yep, this is a steal for 3000 yds of serger thread in many different colors.  This steal of a deal can be found with an online order.  You don't have to leave the comfort of your home, just log in online and BOOM!  You're done.
Oh, I am not going to leave out my favorite friend, the Wrights Sidewinder.  This little gadget saves you time when winding your bobbin and for the rest of this month you can find one at Hancock Fabrics for just $19.99.

This little guy  is invaluable.  It has save me a lot of time when it comes down to winding my bobbins buy machine.  Just  put your bobbin and thread on it and press go.  The key that I use is 2 of the same color thread which means I don't have to stop sewing and disrupt my sewing to reload a bobbin. Yay!! 
Well, this is going to be a whopper sale for the rest of this month, but good things don't always last.  So, if you are in the mood for whatever your sewing needs are, check out Hancock Fabrics first.  Now, I'm off to the first day of the Columbus Day sale.  Hope to see you there. 

Until next time,,,,LOLPOH

Psst, Fleece is on sale too!!!  COATS for everyone this year...