Saturday, October 12, 2013

Finished DIY, Simplicity 1880 Shirt Dress


Today was really a beautiful day.  Not just because the sun was shining and the weather was so outdoor friendly, but because I finally finished my Shirt Dress.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Shirt Dress has been around for many years and women have come to see it as their "Go To" dress when they are in a pinch.

Since I love yellow and I didn't have one of these dresses in my closet, I thought it was time for me to brighten things up and to add a little staple dress that would with any occassion.  This particular style of dress was not something that I would have thought to put in my wardrobe in the past, but I realize that I do actually like this style.  It just goes to prove that time changes many things.

As I worked on this project, I had some incidents that happened that really came as an easy fix.  These problems I will explain later.

Now on to the finished product.

With this dress I had to take my time because I actually spange my right ankle.  It was a struggle to put the brace on and continue sewing, but I just felt that I couldn't let you down and even though I felt pain, I so desperately wanted this dress. (Remember,,,BEAUTY IS PAIN,,,LOL)

Overall, I am well pleased with the outcome of my dress.  The pattern was somewhat strange in places, but I have to say,,,,It was a good pattern and I liked it.

Ok, as promised here are a few inside details to the dress and it's construction.  First, the pattern actually called for pleats.  If you look at the 4th picture I used gathers instead of pleats.  Reason-- When I tried the bodice on it was very tight and I had not even put the zipper in.  I knew that if it was too tight now, it wasn't going to fit once I was done.  I also set the right arm sleeve in place and it was even tighter than the bodice.  So, to remedy all of this I had to let the sleeve out to about 1/4 of an inch and do the same for the armhole.  I also let the pleats out and gathered where the pleats were suppose to be.  This gave me more room in the bust, waist, and armhole.  When I set my zipper (which was last), I left the whole side open and used my invisible zipper foot to apply the zipper.  Once I was done, I forgot that I had to let it out and had to go back in and let the sides out.

I am broader across the shoulders in the back than some.  My biceps are a little bigger too, but this was not a panicking moment for me.   When I looked at the situation in the mirror I immediately knew that this was a quick fix.  With the changes that I made this dress fits me just like it was made for me.....LOL.  The next time I make this pattern I will take all of these things into consideration first ( I made a note and put it with the pattern).

Ok, that's all for now,  Thank you for joining me today.  Until next time,,, LOLPOH