Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DIY Butterick 5209 Completed and Review

I am finally completed with Butterick 5209.  This was a dress pattern that was in my stash that I had been staring at every time I pulled it out and never seemed to build up the courage to tackle it.  Well, I did find the nerve about a week or so ago.  Here is the whisper about this pattern.

The V that is in the front was way too low for me.  I didn't want to alter the pattern because I had never sewn one of the Retro patterns by Butterick and I wanted to keep it original just to see if it would pan out.
Ok, I know that I am well endowed in the bust department, but the bodice is very loose fitting, adjustments are in order for this pattern.
I am pleased with the length. It is just perfect for what I believe a vintage dress should be.
This dress presents a perfect form,,,but it lacks real substance.
The V detail in the back of the neck was just way too much. ..Cute, but over the top.
The Review 

Pattern Description:  Butterick 5209

Pattern Sizing:  14-20.  I made the 16 and graded to a 14.

Fabric:  Satin.

Did it look like the photo on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Yes.

Were the instructions easy to follow?  Yes, for the most part.  The illustrations were useful.

What did you like about the pattern?  I liked that the skirt was full and flowing with a fitted waist.

Pattern alterations you made:  Because I have a bust that is a little bit larger than the normal sizing, I have to start with a 16 or 18 and then grade the rest to a 14 or 12.  Other than the normal changes in the bust, none.

Will you sew it again?  No.  I like the idea of this dress, but NO. I can't put myself through this one again.

Would you recommend this pattern to others?  Yes and No.  For beginners, it would seem easy until you start, but this is a good pattern for more advanced sewists.

Conclusion:  This started out with excitement because I really wanted to make a "vintage" dress.  My excitement was overshadowed first by the blue.  I have a peeve about the color and the name BLUE. Next, the bodice front was way too low for me.  Construction went kind of smooth until I realized that I needed  at least another 1" in the front to give more modesty to the V.   The zipper instillation was almost a nightmare because the zipper went all the way into the sleeve of the dress with a hook and eye closure.  This seemed to be awkward to me.  I can't say that I would recommend this pattern as one of my first choices, but this is going to be one of the patterns that I put to the very back and hope that I will forget this experience and try to pick it up again to see if I can make some much needed changes that will work for me.

With all of that done, I wish to thank you for riding this project out with me.  The experience is always fun and I enjoyed the challenges that comes with sewing.  Until next time,,