Monday, November 11, 2013

Honoring My Nations Veterans


When it came time for the photos of my last project, I thought about the fact that Veteran's Day was just around the corner.  I wanted to show some of the sights that are here in South Carolina and the park that I chose was The Veteran's Memorial Park.

As a military spouse of 17 years, I know what it takes to be in the military and to be a part of such a huge organization.  There were many times while my husband was deployed that I could not believe that another day of separation, loneliness, and worry would enter my life.  But those days turned into years.  I can still remember the hours of prayer for his safe return home.  When he was injured during the Iraq War such an awful feeling of doom and agony came over me that did not dissipate until I heard his voice and he told me that he was in Germany en route to Walter Reed in Washington, D.C.  I felt so blessed to hear him say that he was ok and that everything was intact because many of the families around me were not as fortunate as I was.  There were phone calls and officer visits almost every day.
Some of my husband's friends, comrades, and commanders did not return.  When I see a soldier I often think of how great their sacrifice is and yet I ache at how thankless their service will be to a country who cannot render them the same reward in kind.
 Less Barnwell Memorial
The words at the bottom of this stone rings true to the heart of this country's war torn veterans.  There are no words to express my gratitude for your sacrifice.  To all of you who have served,,, I humbly thank you and your families for your service and I pray you favor.

If you know a veteran or see a veteran today, give him a hug and a brief thank you,,, he deserves it.

Thank you for visiting me today,, Until next time. LOLPOH