Friday, November 8, 2013

What's On My Mind Today? An Upcoming Formal


There were a few patterns that came out recently and due to my upcoming events for the holidays, I have been looking forward to getting my hands on some of them.  So, here are a few lookers on my mind and at the top of my Dream List.

I have a formal event coming up and this dress might fit the bill.  This is the new McCall's 6838.  For the holidays, the colors and the style of this dress is just perfect.  However, I would still put my own spin on this one.

 This little number M6833 is a great party dress and even an awesome New Year's pick.  The skirts and the waste are what makes this dress come to life.  There are different combinations to try and just because the fabric suggestions tell you to only use Brocade, Lace and Satin, that doesn't mean that you are limited in your fabric choices or your accent pieces.  The added plus with this dress is,,,there are pockets.  Yes, if you go for a more casual look the pockets are a must.  I am also willing to step outside the box and think that this could be made with a blended wool or linen for a more business look.
This is a dress that I am totally in love with.  I don't know why this dress attracted my attention so much, but it might be one of my favored pieces in the running for my up coming events this holiday season.  The only thing that I can honestly say right now,,, I love M6834.  The color might change, but this is a serious contender.

Vogue has done it again with this beautiful lace dress.  I love the idea of this dress, but I can not stress how much I do not look forward to cold weather.  When I look at this dress I get really cold.  (LOL)  BUT,,the truth is, this is very alluring, sexy, mysterious, and SIMPLY gorgeous.  Vogue 8943 would be a show stopper for any party or formal event.  I'll keep this one on the dream list too.

Vogue 1374 is a staple pattern to have in your stash.  I am really loving the style and the fabric suggestions.  With this pattern all you need is 4 yards of sparkle stretch knit (party time or bold statement), velvet ( subtle and demour), or just any kind of stretch knit fabric that catches your attention.  This pattern is a great chameleon.  All the bells and whistles without all the fuss.  Gotta Love it.

This dress has a small detail that caught my attention and I am always looking out for a double trouble dress.  Not only can Vogue 8945 do a formal easily, but with the right fabric it can transition into a great Spring and Summer dress.  The eyecatcher that made me choose this one was the sleeves.

The color of this fabric is captivating and there are endless possibilities because the fabric suggestions are simple...soft flowing fabrics, Faille, Crepe, Challis, and Linen.  The sleeve options will give ideas for further explorations during the season changes.  To me, this is a good go to pattern.  This on is going to be at the top of my dream list.

Ok, I have all of my choices together for my dress options, but I have to think about this last one.  When it comes to being around a lot of people at parties, I like to feel comfortable, confident and most of all beautiful.  I also have this thing for being an original and not seeing a body double.  I think this last pattern is more ME.  So, here goes,  Vogue 8948.

This dress is really talking to me right now.  I have all the fabric and items needed in order to make this dress right now and even get away with making a matching bolero for the red one.  I am unsure of which one to choose because I love them all.  I know that my time is short for deciding, but "crunch" time is always going to be "fun time". This is my delima for right now.

Any help with this decision might be good right now.  Give me a little nudge and we will see where it goes.

Thank you for joining me today.  Until next time,,,