Saturday, December 7, 2013

McCall's New Spring Pattern Line Up

Today I am looking at the new Spring patterns by McCall's.  I am very impressed by this new set of patterns.  I like that most of them are made with simple fabrics and the styles are going to be "Hot" for the coming year.  My must haves for right now, are.....

This pattern has a couple of different options to it.  I like the options better than I do the model choices.  Fabric suggestions are Poplin, Sateen, Cotton Blends, and Linen.  I am willing to wager that a nice Challis, Satin (perfect dress for bride's maids), or Voile will make this dress POP.

This dress is a mock wrap dress.  That's got to be an easy choice because all you do is pull it on over your head and out the door you go,,looking awesome.  Fabric suggestions are all knit and jersey.  This dress can be dressed up or down.  It just depends on you at the time that you are making it and what the purpose is for making it, but a nice black double/ponte knit would go well with this one.

Fabrics that I think would look good with this dress.
This dress is nice.  It is a close fitting T-shirt dress with different neckline and sleeve variations.  Fabric choices for this dress are knit and jersey.  It doesn't matter which one you pick just make sure you rock it.
This little number right here has a lot to offer.  I love how the fitted skirt is mixed with the open back.  At first I thought this pattern was the same as M6647, but it isn't.  The difference between the two patterns are small, but I prefer this pattern rather than M6647.  The fabric options for this pattern are Poplin, Sateen,  Cotton Blends and Twill, but I am going to go out on a limb again and say that satin and a bit of lace would dress the end results up a bit and make it similar to the previously mentioned pattern.
This has got to be the cutest outfit ever.  I like this set because it is something that I would be able to wear everyday.  This definately a dual purpose dress.  The whole outfit is beach worthy, grocery shopping, or just hanging out with friends.  I like this pattern all the way around.

Now, you know I like to save my best thoughts for last.  Pattern M6893 is that last thought  for me.  I admit that I don't really care for the model option, but the option with the polka dots has my attention.  There are several ways of mixing and matching this pattern to your own taste and that is an added plus for this go getter.  Fabric suggestions are kind of soft, but I am going to go with my gut on this.  I think casual fabrics like (cotton/ cotton blends) will do a great job.  BUT,,Linen or a silk-blend would make this dress really stand out in a crowd.  When I look at this pattern, I see this dress in a more solid fabric.  Satin and lace isn't going to do that for me with this pattern.  I guess I am going to have to test this theory out. (And I will)

There were 3 blouses that came out with the Spring line.  Out of the 3 there was only one that struck my fancy.
I have to stay true to the fashion gurus around the world "Peplums are OVER rated!"  However, even though this style has been put into overkill this year.  I still think that a wardrobe without a few blouses in this style would be dated.  So, I choose McCall's pattern style of blouse as my peplum muse.

Here is a jacket that meets my standard of traditional Chanel with a twist.  I like this pattern because it has a more youthful appearance.  Fabric suggestions are traditional Tweed, Linen, Boucle, and Crepes.  If you the right fabric combinations are  put together, you might pass fast with a great Chanel look a like.

As always, I enjoyed spending time with you.  Until next time, LOLPOH,