Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My DIY Animal Print Pencil Skirt In Triple

A few weeks back, I posted a few pics about a leopard print skirt  by Brooksbrothers.  I was kind of thinking about which of the design ideas I like the most and the skirt was the one that seemed to be the subtlest way for me to use animal print and yet not be so obviously BOLD.

I have not been a fan of animal prints in the past, but I found this awesome piece of double knit leopard print at that I had been eyeing for a while.  I finally decided a couple of days ago to give this print a shot.  I knew I wanted to make a pencil skirt, but after trying some of the online tutorials for pencil skirts (google search) I realized that those patterns were not going to fill the bill for what I wanted in a fitted skirt (tutorial coming soon).

Since I've always wanted to have matching Mother-Daughter outfits, I decided to make matching skirts for me and my girls.
 First up is mini Me, my little one.  I used a 2 panel pattern for her and my daughter..
Next, my oldest daughter.
Looking at the back of this one's skirt is really impossible.  She would not be still for a good picture, but this is the best she would do.
Finally,,Mom's pencil skirt.
I have a skirt with 2 lengths.  It's like having 2 in 1..

I hope you enjoyed today's post.  We definitely had a lot of fun. Until next time, LOLPOH


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