Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY, New Look 6648 In Pink Chiffon


My oldest daughter is trying to get my best fabric for her little whims.  I am going to say it again, as a mother, I do what I have to do to make sure my girls are happy.  So, there goes another piece of lovely fabric to my eldest daughter.

Since school is out for the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday, my oldest daughter decided she would help me get "reorganized" and during her organizing she spotted a pretty Chiffon Knit that I had had in my knit department.  She wowed and gasped with wide eyes and delight at the many things I could make her out of this one little 3 yards of fabric.  She didn't ask me what I was going to make with it, but she instantly started looking for a pattern that she wanted and then presented me with her idea for my gorgeous fabric.  Well, I thought about it and look at her choices and we both agreed on New Look 6648.
This style of top is really what my daughter lives for.  She loves the ease of throwing something loose and flowy on with a pair of jeans and walking out the door.  I don't fuss with her about her style because as she gets older I can see some of where she is going.  So, the task for today is going to put together View B with the high neck from View A.

I am not above a daughter's request, but she is asking a little too much of the Mommy brain.  But, let me show you how I am going to remedy this.  First, I took tissue paper from the Christmas holidays and taped 2 pieces together to make 1 long whole piece.  Then, I took both front pattern pieces and overlaid them to where both sets of lines were even at the bottom, center fold, and neck top.  I used weights so that I could see the lines through all 3 piece (the front piece from View B was laid first, View A over that, then the tissue over the both of those).  Then I used my long ruler to draw the straight lines and curved ruler to draw the curves.  I then transfered all markings to the tissue pattern piece, cut it out, and now I am ready to place on my fabric.
The piece on the top is the altered piece.

Even though I am going to be making changes to this pattern I found a great Sew A Long by Colleen G Lea that shows how to make View B as it is.  This project is going to be my one day project because she wants to wear it when she goes back to school Wednesday.  So, I'll be busy today working to get this blouse ready to go for her.

Until next time,  LOLPOH