Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow The Next


As I am sitting here looking out my kitchen window I am amazed at how fast and serious the weather changes.  Just Monday I was outside taking pictures in the sun.  Today I am shut in the house with about 2 inches of snow and two school children home with me for the day.

I  look out into the streets of my neighborhood and I see my neighbor's children enjoying a brief frolic in the snow.  Then suddenly my two girls fly past me dressed double in jackets, hats, and gloves.  Their giggles and laughter joined in with the children across the road.  I could hear screams of joy and see snowballs flying in the air.  

When I looked out the window the night before the snow began to fall from the sky, there was a glow throughout my neighborhood.  It was as if the night was alight with a million tiny bulbs.  I was seeing nature's beauty at its best and its not so bad worst.  In my mind I would be outside playing, making snowmen, and dancing with the night just as much as I could hear the voices in the distance doing.  I love to look at the snow but, I do not like the cold that comes with such a lovely enticement.

Since I come from a small southern town, it was very seldom that I had the opportunity to see snow.  All year around we wore light jackets and simple boots to keep the low temperatures abay I can only remember snow being in my town about two or three times during my life.  I don't know but, there might have been more times that snow has graced my little town with its presence.  However, this snow thing is something new for me and it seems to chill me to the bone.  I find myself with mixed emotions and thoughts about it being right outside my door.  Do I like snow or don't I?  I made my mind up years ago,,,,I don't like the cold, but I do like snow.

The sun is out and very slowly "snow" is disappearing.  The birds are outside playing and chirping.  The birds chirping are the sounds that I look for.  They let me know that Spring is on the way and so is lots more fun in the sun.
Until next time, Stay warm.