Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What Am I Thinking About Now?


I have been reading through some of my sewing magazines and I have had my eye on this little red number in my BurdaStyle magazine, Winter 2014.
When I got this issue I instantly fell in love with the red dress on pg.30.  I liked the draping in the front and thought it would look so nice on me since I already had the perfect shoe for a whole outfit.

My mind was saying try it in red, but on the other hand my mind was just saying, "WHATEVER, JUST MAKE IT ALREADY"!  I have wavered back and forth for a while and needless to say, I am not making this dress in red.  I fumbled through my fabric stash and couldn't come up with anything that I thought the dress should be made with and I have read over the article several times.  I even went to Burdastyle.com to see what the fabric suggestions were, but I couldn't find anything anywhere that named a fabric for this particular dress.  The only thing that I saw in reference to a fabric choice was a poplin blouse that was from the same collection City Lights: 8 Patterns for the Uptown Girls.  I took note that some of the pieces were made with knit, silky type fabric, or the main key,,,fabric with BODY.

Wow, fabric with body.  Hummm, that must mean that I can use whatever I want (Laughing Seriously Out Loud). It took some calming down after that thought, but once I calmed down at the idea that I would be going into this project blind.  I knuckled down and pulled my bootstraps up to find something that I might be able to live with  Even if it is an EPIC FAIL!!!

My choice fabric is silk.  I thought this yucky piece of brown silk would have a whole lot of body for this project and the plus side to this is,,,,I still have my matching shoes..Yay!!!

Here's the layout for this little number.
From looking at the schematics, I can already see that I am going to be making some changes to this project.  First thing is the zipper.  When I read the instructions about the zipper I can see that the zipper is going to be set on the outside of the garment.  I don't like that because everything else seems to be so finished ( polished) and then all of a sudden you've got this ugly zipper staring at you from the back.  So, the zipper is either out or in.  That is something that I will figure out as I go.

Now on to the extra baggy hips  For some reason I think those little triangle hip thingies are suppose to be the front drape or at least that is as best I can figure from the picture.  Ok, I can kind of handle that, but I already have hips enough to supply the straight as a board crew.  So, I see that is something I am going to have to tussle with while I debate the zipper.
The instructions and pattern already cutout and ready to start.  Yucky brown silk..  I also made a few notes to keep in mind during the construction process.  The size that I am using is the original 44 and graded down to a 40.
Center Back
Darts, Pressed downward on both the front panel and the back.
Ready to stitch seams on the sides and the shoulder.
While we construct this dress, I thought you might would like to have a peek at a few of the projects in this issue that I liked and will be thinking about in the near future.
I love the dress on the right.  It is so playful and cute.

This is a statement dress.  I am crazy about this one.

These are just a few of my picks from this issue.  I saw a lot of lovely things when I flipped through the pages.  This is going to be my first Burdastyle Magazine venture.  I hope is turns out ok.  Stay tuned for the finished results and let's all keep our fingers and toes crossed.

Until next time, LOLPOH