Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blue Combo, Butterick 6025 and New Look 6103, DIY


For the last couple of days I have been working on this combo set in blue.  I don't particularly like the color blue but, I had some blue fabric and the idea just popped in my head about blue.  Since blue is the "business smart" color, I decided that I needed more blue in my life.

I picked a lightweight cotton broadcloth that I had had in my stash for over a year.  I could never really find anything that I wanted to use it for and then I had gotten over 10 yards of the stuff which means I still have more left.  Right now I'm not going to worry about how much blue fabric I have sitting on the shelf daring me to touch it (driving me crazy) but, I am going to focus on something else for a while.

In the mean time let's talk about Butterick 6025.  This is the first part of my combination set and the small
section of the 10 yards that's waiting for me (much, much later for that one).  I had this pattern and I was just dying to try it.  I liked the peplum look to the dress.  I was trying to save this pattern for a rainy day and fortunately for me it was raining when I started it.

Here's a look at both pieces as a set.

I was not planning on matching the blouse from the envelope,,,but, somehow this fabric just seemed to match it almost to the blues.   (jewelry-ALDO, shoes- Charlotte Russe)
First on the chopping block, THE BLOUSE.
Butterick 6025
The pattern creates a true peplum top (which I was skeptical of at first) and when you add a belt the bottom skirt stands out more.  Without a belt the top still looks like a peplum just not as prominently because there are only 2 pleats in the back.  The princess seams accentuates the bust and waistline very well.  Clean lines all the way.
The pattern called for a regular zipper, but all I had was an invisible zipper. I wasn't about to go get one so I had ot make due with the one that I had.  Fortunately for me,,,it worked quit well.  The invisible zipper blended in so well until it looked like one of the seams..(yay! the flat no zipper look)

Now for the skirt.  I have been watching the headlines and the main thing that I get from the fashion queens of the world is that my closet is behind the times if I don't have a pencil skirt.  I really didn't have a pencil skirt.  So, I had to change that.
New Look 6103
This skirt has been nagging me for months until finally I gave in.  I can admit that Kim K. is the queen of pencil skirts.  Basically because every time you see her she is wearing something that resembles tight, fitted, and skirt.
Now, I'm not going to bash KK for sporting these looks.  In a previous life she rocked it to the 9s and I admired her for having the confidence to be bold with her fashion style.  BUT,,, as them babies start to bloom so does the rest of our curves.  I, myself (sad to report) have not been able to find a SPANX to instantly suck up/ off 40 to 50 pounds.  I haven't stumbled upon a quick fat killer diet/ pill that will blast off 5 pounds, but I have started altering my clothing to fit my my post baby bump.

Learning to accentuate my figure has been a daunting task since my last baby.  I tend not to wear form fitting clothing because I still have a prominent tummy bulge, Hulk shoulders, and busty "dirty pillows".  All of these major features make up me.  I can't cut them off so I have to camouflage them through my clothing choices.

I adore pencil skirts and form fitted dresses which is why I took a chance on this skirt.  I'm not going to let all of the body image issues stop me from dreaming or wearing.  Here's a look at my pencil skirt.

The fun of this skirt is the form fit.  I love the pleated walking vent in the back.  Even though my skirt is not as tight as some, it does suit my taste.  I like walking and I like breathing even better.
I hope you enjoyed today's post.  Until next time,,,

Lots of Love,

OOOh, I almost forgot.  Tune in tomorrow for a special surprise giveaway.  It's going to be a Hoot!!!