Monday, March 17, 2014

Burda 7143 & Simplicity 2364 DIY


For weeks I have been dreaming of a tulle skirt.  I kept seeing them everywhere and was quite annoyed with myself for letting the many layers of tulle stop me from having one.  BUT, I had to have one of those skirts.  They are absolutely geor- G- ous!  I've seen them on almost every page of any woman's magazine.  The celebrities have been wearing them for a while,,, did I miss the memo?  I think I did.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Color was an open option for me, but all the time that I had thought about this skirt, I had my color already sealed in stone.  I wanted green because it was coming up to St. Patrick's Day.  I haven't been out partying on St. Patti's Day in years, but I thought about today being the perfect day to wear my tulle skirt.  However, the weather is not allowing me much opportunity to wear anything other than a coat.  Here's a picture of the first 30 seconds of the picture taking for my skirt. (LOL)
I was going to try to be Tyra Banks and "Smize" my way through, but the weather was not working for me.  I am not a cold weather girl.  So, since outside was a no go for me, I had to improvise.  Let's see what came up.

Ok, I've gotten the torture part over,,, here's a look at the outfit on Sarah.  The patterns that I used were Burda 7143 for the skirt and Simplicity 2364 View F for the top.
This was an enjoyable project for me.  I was excited from the moment I began.  For the top I used a single knit in the back and for the lining.  The from is a textured knit.  I used the textured knit because I only had 1 yard of single knit and did not feel up to running out to get anything else.  Once I saw the combination together, I decided,,,Kool and went with it.

 I ended up adding extra fabric to the lining because it was not long enough to completely cover my bust area, so the whole top is lined.  I doubled the sleeve because I wanted to blend the single and textured knit together in order to make the front and the back make sense (or at least that's how I could see it).  I went by the pattern for the skirt.  I just added tulle, 4 extra inches from the original View B and lined it with lightweight taffeta.  It swishes when I walk.  That's a sound that some people like and others don't, but I felt that it was a necessary evil for this skirt.

Thank you for joining me today,  I hope you have a happy St. Patrick's Day.

Lots of Love