Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Birthday With Kwik Sew 3854


Since I was in the mood to make shorts this week for my oldest daughter,  she talked me into making her a pair of birthday shorts.  She had her color in mind and went to the pattern drawer and pulled out Kwik Sew 3854.  Normally it takes a "Peace Treaty" for her to stand still long enough for me to make something for her but, this time was so very different and I was so very pleased.

My little Misses chose a red kona cotton and gold military buttons.  From the very start I could tell that she had  a vision in her head.  First, She told me that we were going to the mall, but somehow she got sidetracked with going to Target.  While we were in Target she found a golden cream colored top.  Her eyes were beaming when she said, "This is going to look great!"  Of course, I didn't know what was going to look great but, she had this thing in her head that she was determined to see.  She then picked out a pretty pair of red sandals.  I agreed to her choice because I couldn't see what she was thinking.  All week she was going back and forth about how nice her outfit was going to look.  All I could do was make the shorts that she wanted.

From time to time I would reminisce about the day she was born.  Today, some few years ago, I was blessed with a beautiful little girl.  Boy has she come a long way.  The calamity before her birth is what makes her birthday so special and so memorable.  That day was filled with excitement and many great memories.  My sister "Auntie" was sitting in a chair next to my hospital bed with her jacket pulled up to her nose and only her eyes showing.   It was my intentions that she be there with me as an attempt to dissuade her from engaging in practices that would lead her away from her long term goals.  My back felt like a herd of elephants were running on it but, I laughed through the many waves of contractions.  When my Mom stepped around the corner down the hall and spoke with the nurse, my sister heard her voice and ran to meet her (Mission Accomplished).  The nurse handed my Mom a pair of scrubs, and we were off to delivery.

In the delivery room was my doctor.  There will never be enough words to thank him for all that he did for me that day.  There are many doctors in this world BUT, my doctor, Dr. Gary B. Sullivan is the best.  The first appointment that I had with him was so uplifting and encouraging.  Through the many years that I have known him, he has proven that he had been given GIFTED HANDS and exemplifies his gift through his well shown passion for his patients.  I have personally been blessed by his PAY IT FORWARD take on bedside service.  Again, when you find a doctor who is irreplaceable, delight.

Now for the birthday shorts.

Top (Target), Jewelry (Target and Handcock Fabrics), Sandals (Target), Shorts (Me, her Mom)
She got up early to get these pictures and she was very happy to oblige.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

This pattern was a great pattern.  I liked the middle insert placket that makes the pockets.  I know she will have me making a few more of these, so I do advise this pattern for the Summer short wearers.  I also think it is a good pattern for beginners who want to try stepping up their sewing skills, e.g., stitch the ditch, button holes, understitching, and waistband setting.

Thank you for joining me today, Until next time.

Lots Of Love,