Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Look 6048, Sewing Through The Fog


Today I will attempt to get through a recent epic fail that ended up breaking my heart.  Normally, not accomplishing a task doesn't have that huge of an impact on my mood or my zest for sewing, but last week I had in my mind what I could see as the ultimate dress for my Mom's birthday.  I had had this pattern on my mind since it first came out and all I could see was her in this dress and to top that off I would make it in her favorite color GREEN.
 So, I set out to find the perfect combination of fabrics to make my ideal dress come to life  for my Mom.  I gathered all the things that I would need as I was reeling with excitement because my Mom even made a trip to my house so that I could get her measurements correct.  Her visit made me so giddy and happy.  I had ants in my pants the whole time.

With my pattern and fabric in toe, I began to work on my Mom's dress.  I kept saying to myself that I wanted it to be perfect.  Not that that was any pressure but, I wanted my strongest critic to have something beautiful.  In my vision I had the dress on a vintage scale.  I wanted the skirt longer and the bodice was perfect for the overlay that I wanted to put on it.  I basted the bodice overlay to the the fabric (medium weight satin).  It was coming together so well until I knew I would have the dress finished by the time my Mom and Dad left,,,,BUT,,, When she tried the bodice on it was so small until I almost screamed when I saw it.  Mom had suggested that I re-cut the front bodice piece, but I kept saying to myself that if I did that it would throw the side seams off and there wasn't any of the overlay left to re-cut or throw to waste even thought I had overshot the fabric amount.  My mind was going so fast trying to do a quick troubleshoot until I gave in.  Needless to say that my smiling face turned into a crooked frown.

After my Mom and Dad left, I called my oldest daughter in to try the bodice on her.  I thought, ok. she's smaller than my mother and maybe I can salvage the whole thing and finish it for her (which would give some thought of accomplishment).  That was an even more tragic tale of pattern/ fabric thievery.  For days, I kept trying to fix the bodice in my mind.  I drew sketches to help with all the brainstorms I was coming up with, but I am going to have to put this project to the side until my AH-HA moment comes AND IT WILL.  Some way,,,some day,,,soon, I will win this war but, until then I will have to work through the fog and continue to pray.

Just like some fashions are fads that fade away so will disappointment.  Which is why I am moving on to New Look 6048.  I kind of think it will help me get my mojo back and help to ease the pain of my recent temporary loss (LOL)  I wanted something that I had never sewn before that looked easy.  I found some cotton fabric in my stash and that is what I am going for this week.  Here's a look at the combo that I put together for this project.

Ok, now that I have chosen my next victim, I'm ready to go.  Stay tuned for updates on this one.  I'm hoping it will give me that certain pep that I need.  Even though my Mom is ok with not having her dress,,,I'm not.  Persevering though the fog might just be the prescription I need.

Until next time,,

Lots Of Love,