Friday, April 4, 2014

Sewing Through The Fog, Update


In my last post I described a moment when I didn't think I would be able to weather the let down of not succeeding at a task that I had set for myself.  In order to get over this small "Bumper" I moved forward with a pattern ( New look 6048) that I had been wanting to get my hands on, but didn't quite have the right fabric to make it all come together for me.

Here are a few photos of how things are going.
Here I added 1" to the bottom of the torso.  I added it all the way around because it looked like the bodice was going to be a little short.  I don't have an extremely log torso, but I hate when  dress is suppose to fit at the waist yet it is hiked up like it's an empire bodice.  Plus, that look would be better on a younger person.  If you have a longer torso then this is an option that you might would want to consider.
The front bodice completed.  I used white thread to stitch the seams forward (facing each other), to add more of a white contrast.
This is the dress coming together.  I don't know why I didn't take photos of the skirt,, I think it slipped my mind.  Any who,, There are pleats in the skirt that have to be matched up all the way around, even the one in the back.
I've noticed with this pattern that the zipper assembly is going to be last.  The contrasting sweetheart border finish and neck ties go together.  I will say at this point that the skirt comes in 2 lengths.  One was a little long than this one and I wanted that look, but I didn't want the ruffles.  My option was to cut at the line where the ruffle line started.  Once I saw that the skirt was going to be long enough without the contrasting white band and ruffle I decided to omit the bottom contrast in white, but I am still debating on adding white bias tape instead of a 1' hem.
I saw Vogue 1174 last year and fell in love with how it looked.  So, you can guess where the idea for this dress is coming from.  There will be some differences in the two dresses.  The Vogue has a seamed in bust bodice and back.  The New Look pattern has princess seams.  The back of the Vogue skirt doesn't have pleats, but darts and the front has a set of pleats.  The New Look pattern has pleats all the way around.  Both patterns have pockets which makes this the perfect dress for me.  I love pockets whether I use them or not.  

Here is a video that I found from one of my favorite blog sites, Fashion TV Blog that is very useful with sewing princess seams.
If you haven't checked Colleen's site out (beginning and returning sewers) it's time you did.  There is a host of information that can help you sharpen you sewing skills and enlighten your sewing knowledge.

Until next time,,,,

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