Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DIY, McCalls 6967

A couple of weeks ago McCalls came out with some really neat looking patterns for Summer.  I was really taken by surprise with the sundress McCalls 6967.  I liked the little flounce that it had on the bodice and I liked the fabric choices that it suggested for making the dress.  In this pattern there were several pieces that could be made.  A top, a skirt, a short dress, and a long dress.  All of the pieces would be a good staple to any Summer wardrobe.

My oldest daughter was in love with the short dress and I thought it would be a nice add it to her closet.  So, I found a piece of Challis and she approved of the print and here is M6967.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

I changed the waist a little and this look is what she liked vs. the pattern style. (I made 2 of these this past weekend).

Finished look with black gladiator sandals.
At this point I would normally do a review and I think this pattern really needs to have something said about it since I liked it so much.  I had a few picks of fabric to choose from and the first dress was made from a jersey.  Oshja didn't like it because it was a shiny jersey and she said, "It looks like a sleeping gown."  Once a stood back and got a look at it, I agreed with her.

Not wanting to throw a good gown to the lost file pile, I completely took the casing out and now she just has a lounge piece.  I immediately went to work on a second dress and she found the fabric that became her final dress.  I actually liked sewing this pattern, but I definitely didn't like the casing for the waist.

The waist setting according to the pattern is a little high (above the navel).  It was almost up under the bust-line, which made the dress look completely different from the cover photo.  I looked at what my options were for changing the construction of the waistband and I went with cutting the front and back pieces 2 in. below the waist line and setting the elastic as I normally would for an elastic waist dress.  When she saw the dress, she was more pleased with the way it looked the second time and she liked the way I addressed her waist issue.

The ties are extremely too long.  You could be 7ft. tall and I still think that these ties are just too long.  So an after thought is going to be to cut about 2" off of them and tie a knot at the ends.

I do plan on making this dress again because I didn't make one for me.  I think this is a good pattern for an advanced beginner, but not for someone who is just starting out.  The casing would cause a tiny bit of trouble, but I would make the purchase for the pattern stash.  There's always next Summer.

Thanks for joining me today.  Until next time.

Lots of Love