Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DIY, New Look 6289 and New Look6286


Even though I made a commitment to not wear or sew any pants to Marigold at and The Summer of No Pants community for this Summer, I couldn't help but to throw in these gorgeous linen shorts.

I had 2 yds of linen that I had gotten from and I was determined to use it for something.  It took about one short leg to be cut in order for me to figure that I had had this particular piece of fabric set aside for a dress.  Soooo, it can only be used once and this piece was about to be a pair of shorts.

I used New Look 6289 to make the shorts and blended it together with New Look 6286 for the top.

The fabric that I used to make the top with is a Crepe Knit.  I got it for almost free at one of my Hancock stops because it was less than a yard left and I really wanted this piece of fabric.  The manager didn't want me to be out done, so she threw it in for 50 cents.

Here's a look at what I put together.

I really enjoyed today's post.  I look forward to next time.

Until then, Lots of Love