Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Senior Year Congratulations!!! School's In Session


This has been a really fast paced, lost track of time, and busy last 2 weeks.  I actually had a lot going on and didn't realize that I would be pushed for time (I get that way sometimes).  I woke up at 5:55 a.m. this morning just so I could go from room to room cutting on lights and greeting my girls with a smile and a very loud, "GOOD MORNING"!  During all my planning and gathering of upcoming sewing tasks, I actually forgot that today the children were scheduled to go back to school.  So, that meant that my sewing plans that I started with for August were put on hold.

The past 2 weeks I had driver's license to get, school documents to fill, senior pictures to sit for, and teachers to meet.  Wow, who would have figured that every year the schools would need "Proof of Roof" the way these people do.  It seemed like everytime I closed my eyes it was time to open them again.   Paper on top of more paper had to taken here and copied there.  My feet and all of me is just plain tired.

Hearing the rumble of the passing buses was almost music to my ears.  It was a sign that Summer for the girls had come to an end and today school was back in session.  I love it when Summer starts and all the kids start going outside to play.  The constant laughter, bouncing of basketballs, and bicycle riders brings a sense of joy to my heart but, today is a day all too different for me.

Today is a day that marks a benchmark for my oldest daughter and her final year of high school.  With all the scurrying that the girls were doing to prepare for the day, I pasted a smile and inside my heart was breaking.  As I drive my girls to school,  I found that taking my little one to school didn't  hurt quite as much as it use to.  But, when time came for my oldest daughter to make her exit out of the car, I could feel an elephant sitting on my chest.  I couldn't show her that I wasn't the strong mom that she thought I was, so I joked about all the paperwork during our ride to her school.  When she made her little departure at the "Tower",  I drove off looking in the rearview mirror the whole time.  I even had the nerves to look back once I got to the red light.  My thoughts were far away to my last year of school and how my mother must have felt my last year.  Was it this hard for her?  Did she have her apron strings tied in a knot as I do now?  I am only going to say that I have an awesome Mom and I know that if I am having these knots in my stomach, she definitely had far worse when I stepped into my senior year.

Loosening those strings will be so hard.  It gets to where every time I look at her I see that little baby that I brought home with me from the hospital 17 year ago.  I want to hold her in my arms and rock her the way I use to, but lord, she's gotten so big I don't think my lap can hold her like that anymore.  I have spent many years trying to give her the best of me and fill her with the best that my Mom past down to me.  I pray that she will always remember who she is and whose she is as she begins this new year that is a prelude to her adult life.

For all the parents who will be taking this journey with me this year, I wish  you strength and lots of love.  As we shed our tears and open our memory banks to yesteryear remember that when it's all said and done,,,We did the best we could do with what we had at the time we were doing what we did and when you have done all you can do,,,All you can do is enough.

                    Happy Senior Year My Little Sweetheart

Thank you for joining me today for this special post.  I will be back on task soon.  Until then,,,,,

Lots of Love