Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sewing On The Brain


Today is still not a fun day for me.  I recently had the urge to put together an outfit that I had been dreaming of all Summer.  I had finally found the perfect fabric and the perfect combo to say the least was a dream coming together.  But, I am going to share the down side to this blissful wishing want. (Sad face with a serious big frown).

Last week I had started on Simplicity 1466.
When I started this project I was looking to combine views C and D for a complete matching set.  I had this sweet little lightweight gabardine that I had found and I thought it would make the perfect end of Summer outfit.  However, I just couldn't leave well enough alone.  I had talked with my Mother the week before and she couldn't see the color of the Gabardine that I was going on about, but she did give me insight into her dressing style.  "I wouldn't make mine using 1 bright color", she said with a slow BUT to bring about "but if you like yours like that, then by all means do it like you see it".  I'm not one for going against Mom's advice because after all she's the one who taught me the most about dressing myself.  So, it was back to the drawing board with my color choices.

"Hhhmm", thinks the mind of a very confused sewer.  The color once I stood off and looked at it did need some sprucing.  The verdict was still out on that gabardine and I was going to need something soft to level the playing field.  I knew that my trusty "soft fabric" stash would have the remedy to my problems.  After digging through it for a few minutes I found the perfect piece of Challis to do the job.  Of course I had to mull a bit about the project that that piece was intended for but, my saying is "It can only cut once". (Isn't it strange how we know what fabrics we have in our stash,,,hehehe)

Well, I've got the perfect top fabric, so what's going to be used for the top?  New Look 6303.

There was a softness to this pattern once I saw it and I love New Look patterns.  To me, they are so spot on with their measurements until it isn't funny.  There is an almost no second guessing rule with these patterns and they are my favorite "goto" patterns of choice.  I haven't scratched my head once with one of these.  Ok, now that I have a pattern set to make this combo come to life.  I start, I managed to finish the pants and here's a photo of them hot off the press.

Now you can see the color of the pants and I was about to make a top from Simplicity 1466 view C out of the same fabric until my Mom suggested a different look.  I don't think there would have been anything wrong with this combinational blend, it would just mean that I really wouldn't be able to wear the set outside of itself.  I am not a big fan of 1 wear outfits.  I'd like to think of myself as a "Geranimal" dresser (Garanimals for the little ones).  When you can buy 1 item and wear it with more than 1 thing, that's an investment for life to me.

With finished pants, I thought I was on a roll.  So, the next up was the top.  I decided on New Look 6303 View D because I didn't have enough fabric to do any of the other views accept for View A.  I really didn't want View A so the only other logical choice was definately View D.  I had all the material on hand for this view and I was going all in to make it happen.

My pieces are cut and everything is marked.  I absolutely had a mouth watering sensation about this blouse mixed with those slim fitted pants.  I could see those serged edges and a beautiful press.  Excitement is not the word for what I was feeling while making this blouse.  But that feeling was not long lived.

The first stitch of my serger was a complete and epic "Fail".  Every since the beginning of Summer I had been having trouble out of it.  I changed my needles, I changed knives, I changed tension, for some reason it would sew really good through one project and one reset, but at the start of any other project it would just jump haywire and frustrate the dickens out of me until it was back on course again.  Here's a look at my blouse before I decided to end my torture.

There are some Challis that I love feeling and working with.  This just happened to be one of my favorites.  I got this piece while I was out on a visit to The House Of Fabrics here in Columbia.  I thought that this was going to be a major purchase item, but it was only $6.95 a yard and even though it was bought with another project in mind I still think "It can only cut once".  Can you see my outfit coming together?  I could.  Look at those greens and yellows in my unfinished top...sad face now.  The first stitch set my serger into a frenzy and I just stopped, unplugged everything, loaded her in the car and took her for a little trip to Creative Sewing Center.

I had visited this store before and fell in love with their fabrics and my dream machine Destiny.
I was greeted at the door and was immediately told to bring my little nightmare into the shop.  The sales rep told me that it would be a few days to even a couple of weeks before their repairman would be able to get to me, but then the PUSH (more like a shove) came.  Needless to say, I have a Senior in highschool that I have to get out of high school and into college, Lady.

My eyes were really getting full and I so desperately wanted the other dream machine Ovation. Here's a brief video.
This is an awesome machine.  I wanted to say to the associate, "Lady, are you crazy?"  I can buy a car for this price,,,,$3999 with 24 months to pay out.  No way, Lady!!!
This wide plate made me dream all kinds of things...No Way, Lady!!!!
8 spools for serging, binding, a knee lift and still,,,,,NOW WAY, LADY!!!!  I really needed ( wanted) this machine, but I'm not crazy and even though she offered me to come in and finish my project, I turned to walk away and asked again when would I receive a call about my machine and left.

I hate needing repairs because the main objective for these specialty shops is to sell you that "Brand New Machine".  All I needed was my machine repaired and for the cost of repairs, I could go buy another one or upgrade to a new one Here, Here, Here, or Here.  It all depends on what I feel once I stumble my way through finishing my blouse.  I feel very lost without my serger and I am almost paralyzed with it being out of my possession.  The one thing I can say in all truthfulness is still,,,,"NO WAY LADY!!!!!!!", to the dream machines.

Well, once again I have aired my tragic secrets but, I will continue to forge ahead because I was very capable of putting a garment together before my serger.  It's just going to take a little brain power to work around this down time.

Thank you for joining my rantings in today's post, Until next time.

I almost forgot,,Review for Creative Sewing Center.

1-  Associates and manager have no customer service skills.  Or maybe it's just me.  If I don't want to buy an overpriced sewing machine then don't let it show that you didn't make your commission sale.  Manager/Owner is very distant and aloof  and most definitely down right MEAN to amy questions presented.  I understand having special people that you like dealing with, but a customer is a customer and all should be treated with respect.

2-  The fabric is so overpriced.  You would think they were selling pure gold encrusted fabric for the prices I saw.  Who pays $20.00 a yard for broadcloth that's not Kona cotton or specialty cotton?  Batik is still not in this category, there's no gold.  Not, me.

3-  The whole store is biased against a certain type of customer.  If you don't want a machine,,,they turn!!!!

4-  False advertising to drive people into their shop so they can PUSH a machine sale.

I bet you thought I was going to give a 5 thumbs up review for this shop.  However, I'd rather go to Joann's or Hancock's for my fabric and basic machines.  If I were going to buy a machine of this grand magnitude I  would travel to whole nother state all together and buy my machine.  I am an equal opportunity person and I have made 2 trips total to this store.  My first trip was strained and I got an odd feeling at that time, but I overlooked that feeling and decided to take my machine in this second time.  I can only say that I don't like being surrounded by (my term )wolves.  Yes, I will take my Monday morning to go get my machine and I will try to finish this project.  I will also be looking for another repair shop or just do without.  The only good thing I can say about this place is,,,,It's pretty and it has a lot of nice things in it.

Lots of Love