Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Pirates and Simplicity 3685


The past couple of weeks I have been busy with Halloween costumes.  At first I wasn't too happy about it, but when my sister asked me to make her a costume I naturally picked up my step and got in to spirit of things.  The only reason I like Halloween is for the candy and the knowledge that I might possibly be able to talk my Mom into cooking me my favorite turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving around this time.

My sister on the other hand doesn't need an invite to enjoy anything.  She loves the Holidays and any reason to dress up, makes her a happy girl.  This year her theme for the spooky day was "Pirates".  She had come up with a color scheme for everyone to wear and she wanted a special look for herself.  The task of dressing her fell on me.  I was so happy that she decided to let me do my thing until my mind was running wild, but she quickly put me in check with "I want a jacket".

I had coat patterns, sweater patterns, and a few costume patterns, but nothing that I was willing to think outside the box on with such short notice.  Why?  I was right in the middle of making a couple of tops that I was trying to get the tutorial for, but I didn't want to let her down.

  So, I went out and found her a pattern that had the perfect jacket.  Simplicity 3685 was the costume that I used.   I was told to make whatever I chose in black and gold....Yep,, she told me to make it. lol.  It felt so funny to me to have her breathing down my back on this one, but it was fun.

Here's a look at the process and the finish.

With this pattern the bodice and the back was lined with a lightweight interfacing and I used a heavy weight interfacing on the collar.
Right in the middle of construction I decided that I wanted organza on the sleeves and the collar.
 So, I took the collar apart and started again.  The satin collar was pretty, but the organza collar just looked better since I had put some on the sleeves.  This tied the look together for me.  I already had the gold buttons and the gold ribbon.  I got them on sale at Hancock's, but I never knew I would be using them like this.  The gold chain look are chained beads that were sewn on and secured with jewelry caps.  The gold ribbon has a 1" trim between it on the sleeves and the same trim is used on the bottom of the jacket.
Here's my sister all dolled up.
My Matie topped her look off with a black and gold trimmed pirate hat, fishnet stockings, and knee high flat boots (for walking,,, trick or treat).  The pattern came with a makeshift vest and I used a gold stretchy leather like fabric.
My sister and one of her friends.  He looks weird with those eyes, but he's got the pirate thing down pat. LOL...

She already had a cute chiffon skirt that went great with the jacket.  When I was completed with the jacket, I didn't like the look so I stitched a seam really close to the edge.  That was something that I did to make me secure with the lining.

The Review

Simplicity Costumes for adults 3685

I'm not going to give a basic review because this isn't a basic everyday pattern, so I'll start with the fabric for this pattern.   The pattern gives several good option choices for fabric,,,Brocade, Satin, Broadcloth, Velvet, and my thoughts about the fabric would be how much do you want to spend and how fancy do you want it.  Broadcloth would be on the less expensive side and this is where you would say "you get what you pay for".  On the other hand if you want to be in line with a more traditional look you will put a little more into your fabric, but they all would make this project well.

Next, the instructions were so very on point!!!!!  I believe that a determined beginner could make this jacket,  The grommets were easy to do, so don't be afraid of those.  I got my kit a few months back and had avoided doing anything with them because there wasn't anything that I wanted to do that required them, but this would be a great starting place if you want to try your luck with grommet placing.

Finally, I didn't have to do a lot of calculating or grading to get this Simplicity pattern to work.  This was an easy going process that took a few days to put together (aside from the embellishments).  I can't say how many hours I put into it, but a plain jacket wouldn't take that long.  If you can imagine it, just go with it and see what comes up.

Overall, this was a good pattern and a great fit into any costume stash.  I am definitely glad that I've added it to mine.

Thank you for joining my Halloween antics.  Until next time.

Lots of Love
I forgot to show you what I got in exchange for the costume. :-)
I'm so Happy....