Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy New Year!!! A Look At Vogue Spring 2015 Vintage

Happy New Years to all my Sewingnistas

I wanted to get in a quick New Years greeting to everyone before January rolled out.  I hope everyone's year is filled with lots of love, excitement, joy, and of course,,,, Sewing.

I won't be able to do much sewing the next couple of weeks because I am on a down slope with my machines, which was something that started happening around August of last year.  However, even though the machines are down that doesn't mean that I'm down.

Not having my machines in good working order isn't going to slow me down from planning my future projects once I get my needles back.  So, I have been reviewing and looking at upcoming projects for a while and I was almost blown away this morning when the new Vogue Spring 2015 pattern line hit the screen.  I was in a state of Bliss with all the pretties that I saw.  I have thoroughly gone through the lineup and found many "Must Haves" during my scroll and decided to share my new obsessions list with you today.

1.  I wouldn't be true to myself if I didn't go for the Vintage looks first.  Vogue has been revamping their Vintage line for today's fashionistas for a while and within this collection for Spring 2015 they didn't miss a step.

Vogue 1435.  It is on a modern scale look, but I and a few other sewers know that Vintage dresses were seldom seen without some type of little jacket to top off a dress.  To me, this makes a dress and a look more complete.  This is why Vintage patterns are so appealing to me.
 This modern suiting is so fabulous and the color "Pumpkin" is so Springy.  The jacket is what caught my eye.  It's paired with a simple column shift dress.
 The jacket details are mesmerizing.  I could see this dress in a blue, yellow, red, or even a mixed looking pattern, but I'm going wild and taking the solid colors first.
 Stand up collar- not too sure about this on a jacket, but it's working for me.
 Shift- Doesn't have to be a slit in the front,,,put it where you want and the effect will still be the same.
 Back-  The back is about an inch to 2" longer than the front.  This is something that I do with just about all of my shift dresses.  It might be a "booty" thing or a conservative thing, but I like that it's already built in and I don't have to stress it.  Yeeeessss,,, this Pumpkin dress is on the top of my "ta do" list.

2.  Staying with the Vintage thing, I am choosing Vogue 9082.  This is another pattern that is driving me insane.  I must have this dress in my understated wardrobe.  Here's why.
 This one dress converts into 3 different looks.  The top jacket

 A 2nd top jacket
 And a really gorgeous tailored Sundress blended together will make 3 totally separate looks.
The more I look at this combo, the dizzier I get.  I have to say,,, You go Girl!!!  I can already see this dress in a myriad of colors and yet,,,, I am unable to graze a hem.  But, it ain't gonna last for long.  I'll be back and this pattern can see that it is at the top of my list, so fear me!

3.  Ok, my 3rd choice is so very Vintage until my composure is hard to hold.  I am totally in Wove with this pattern.

Vogue 9083.  This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time.
 Ladies, Easter is around the corner.  This outfit would top off my Easter wish list fast and I'll take it in the same Lavender that is before me.  This dress doesn't need words because it has pictures.
 Yesssss! an interjection here because I am having a Sailor Moon moment with this mini collar/ jacket.

 Look,,, no jacket at all.  Date night never looked so sexy.
Thank you all for walking on the wild side with me and my Vogue Vintage fetish, but I'm not done.  I'll be back a little later with my POV on the rest of their Spring 2015 collection and a few from the other pattern companies.  My elation about these just couldn't wait.

While I'm at it,,, I must share a little blog time with you.  When I am on my down time I like to surf the web and get inspired.  It helps to keep my mind fluttering and the machines jumping.  But, I found this site and it is really giving me new life.  Shari William over at My Daily Threadz.  This lady not only has style, but she is full of talent and it shows.  Even though we share some of the same style fetishes, she is really rocking the stage.  So, stop by and say hello to a wonderful lady and seamstress.

Over to the right are a list of blogs that I love.  Take a moment to click though and to give some cheer while you get a little inspiration to get your mojo going.  As for me, I'll have lots of time to browse and do a few house chores that have been neglected.

Again, Thank you all for making my 2014 year so great and I wish all of you a most prosperous and fulfilling 2015!!!!!!!!

Lots Of Love And Plenty Of Hugs