Saturday, May 16, 2015

Entries For Sewing Pattern Review 2015 Contest


A few days back I said I would be entering into the Sewing Pattern Review 2015 Wardrobe Contest.  Well, I did.  I felt the pinch of the last minute "Rush" bug coming down on me like a falling anvil from the sky.  I was still kind of confused on how to put the photos together for the gallery view, but I do have my entries in.  Not really sure if that will affect anything because this is my second contest and I'm sure these processes change all the time.

I want to share my entries with you before the contest voting starts and tell you a little about my process of making this collection,

First, I will explain how things came together.  In my review of my collection, I state that my son was my big helper in deciding which direction to take.  I was kind of wild in my thought process and wanted my collection to favor the Hamptons, but my son suggested that I was a laid-back mom.  He said that I was full of color and life and that my collection should reflect that.  So the theme for my wardrobe is Bohemian.  The name of this wardrobe is Bohemian Sunset.

I really didn't have any idea of what a Bohemian wardrobe would look like or entail and since Google is my best friend, I began with a few quick searches of Bohemian clothing.  I knew I had to dig deep for ideas because my mind will seemingly take me to a places that wasn't safe for my collection.

During my searches, I realized that Bohemian dressing has been around since the 1960s.  Mostly everything that I saw looked like everyday clotheing from the 60s and 70s.  I noticed that it wasn't so much about the detail in the clothing, but more about the types of fabric that is used to make Boho what it is.  It also has a lot to do with the person and their personal style, too.  Boho can be about lots of colors, patterns, or there can be moments of sterile whites and creams.  I found a million items labeled Boho.  I picked a few that matched my taste and went from there.

I have entered my garment pieces into the contest and if I don't win anything there, I have definately one a wardrobe that I will wear for a long time.  I love the colors and all the pieces that I made.  Since I didn't get the opportuntiy to post all the pictures in the contest, I have composited a quit video to show you the rest of them.

I want to give a very warm and loving shout out to the lady who you hear singing in my video.  This young lady has struck my heart and will stay with me for a very long time.  I love hearing her sing and as you all know, from time to time I will find something that interests me and just have a fit if I can't share it with you.  Her name is V. Bozeman.  Some of you may remember her from the season opening of "Empire".  Not only is she a beautiful young lady, but she has the voice of an angel.  Click her name for the link to her site.

Thank you all for joining me today and Please,,,Go vote!!!!  Have a great weekend.  Until next time,

Lot of  Love

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