Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What's Been Going On With Dellia?


It has been a while since my last post and I am stopping in to give you a little heads up on what's been going on in my world.

Since my last post with the Sewing Pattern Review contest   I had a daughter to graduate high school, a relocation move, a new college student underway, plus an extra special surprise.  So, first I want to talk about my graduate and wish all new graduates the best for a successful future.  Congratulations, You've made it!!!!
  On June 6, 2015, My beautiful daughter succeeded in accomplishing 1 of her life goals, High School Graduation.  There are no words to express me joy and sadness.  I think the parents that were traveling this road with me this year and those who have been this way before, know the emotions that I have been pulling myself through at this time.
When I saw all those hopeful souls seated in the honored seats, my heart skipped and I finally came to terms with the fact and the idea that my little girl was not a little girl anymore.  I would like to say that I didn't cry, but I actually shed tears from the beginning of the ceremony until I went to sleep that night.  As a parent, I have always wanted the best for my children and tried so hard to help them accomplish their dreams. THIS dream was a long time coming (18 yrs.) and now I must prepare myself for college.  (I'm not the one who's

It was my total plan to make my daughter's graduation dress.  But, there were unforeseen events that prevented me from finishing her dress.  Yes, I very excitedly started her dress, but didn't get to finish it.  She had picked out a pretty blue crepe that I had on hand and her pattern with her major changes that she had in mind.  When I get things more settled I will take the time to finish this dress because it was never my intentions for this dress to be in the UFO files.

Once I had an idea from my daughter about how she wanted her dress to look, we thumbed through patterns and I couldn't find anything quit like she wanted.  She kept saying that she wanted a full,,, Full skirt.  I wasn't sure how I was going to get that out of what I had because most patterns weren't showing me a really full skirt.

So, I came up with a blended (FrankenPattern) of my own.  My 2 choices, with her approval, was

Simplicity 1157 for the bodice.  My daughter really liked the way the bodice and back from this dress looked and thought that it would suit her style for this particular day.  However, She was not impressed by the skirt.  She thought that the skirt was a bit frumpy.  I agreed that it could use a little fine tuning, but I didn't want to put the thought or work into it.

Well,  needless to say I couldn't get the skirt part off my mind when I saw a post by Manju.  I showed my daughter her dress.  The bodice was not a winner in her eyes, but the skirt made quite an impression.  Manju's take on Vogue 8998 was so pretty to me.  The fabric choice and fit was exceptional and lured me to my pattern stash.

I tried to get my daughter to let me make View A from the V8998, but she didn't like the bodice back.

So, where do I begin with putting this monster together.  I started with the bodice and began remaking the pattern that would accommodate my picky daughter.

 After I figured out how I wanted the bodice..(wasted fabric here)  Tell you about that one in a few.  I began working on the back.
I left the skirt measurements the same as the pattern from the waist to the hip, but added 1" from the hip to the hem.

I was very pleased with how everything was coming together until a family emergency took me out of the sewing mood.  This is where I stopped with her dress and decided to file it under UFO status.

I know I haven't finished this dress, but I am planning on taking it out really soon.  I have relocated and if you have ever moved,,, I know you know my frustration.  I can't find anything and I am still unpacking and planning for an awesome 2016 year.

Again to all my 2015 graduates,,,, Congratulations and be blessed!!

Until next time,,,, which there will be some blog unloading before I can fall back into my sewing,, Thank you for joining me.

Lots of Love