Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY, New Look 6648, PinkChiffon Knit Completed


I have just completed the Chiffon blouse for my daugher and here is how it turned out.
 I made a few changes to the front.  I took out the V cut and added the full circle to the neck.  I explained yesterday how I made the pattern for the front.
 I wanted to make sure that my daughter had enough draping in the front, so I added 1" to the front and the back bodice.  When I connected the band to the blouse I had to gather between the 2 notches.
Sleeve with the elastic.
Neckband done with a single stitch.
Draping that I was trying to achieve,,,accomplished.

I went into this project thinking that it would be easy and quick,,I was right.  After starting at point A-Joining the shoulders.  B- Connect the neck binding to the right side of the fabric, then press, fold over and stitch.  C- Join the bottom part of the sleeve and prepare the elastic ( 2 1/2") for the wrist section between the 2 dots.  D- I serged my seams, so I stitched my elastic (centered) on the back side of the seam line, then folded over the elastic part before hemming the sleeves.  E- Then I gathered between the notches at the bottom of the blouse and began preparations for the band.  F- I then gathered between the dots on the sides of the band and matched the notches from the band to the notches on the bottom of the blouse.  Once the band was connected to the blouse, I was finished.

I liked this pattern for it's sheer simplicity.  It took about an hour in construction time, but when you make changes, that will add to the construction time.

I hope you enjoyed today's post.  Until next time,,, LOLPOH