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Valentine's Day is a day that is set aside for love.  Even though love should be shown all year long, it is this one day that is so momentous to the word.  There will be few flowers sent in my area due to hazardous weather (crazy snow).  My hope is that everyone will have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

For a while I have had McCall's 6883 on my mind.  My mind's eye could envision lots of wild changes and different aspects of this pattern in action.    This was something I spotted back in an earlier post.
From the first moment I saw this pattern, I liked everything about it.  The straight lines were what caught my attention most of all.  It appeared to be a simple enough task so, I decided it was worth a shot.  I went over the different views that McCall's had and the different fabric combinations.  I couldn't make up my mind because all the views were so enticing to me.

The back view was pulling me in and I couldn't help myself.  I had to find something that would suit what I was looking for in a nice Spring/ Summer dress and make this pattern stand out the way I wanted it to.
  SUGGESTED FABRICS: A,B: Poplin, Sateen, Cotton Blends, Linen. C: Lace, Eyelet. Sew-in Interfacing C - Organza. D: Charmeuse, Crepe de Chine.

I decided to go with view B.  I had recently been asked if I liked the high-low effect in my skirts.  Yes, I love the look.  I prefer the high-low skirt over the 1 shoulder any day.  I guess they both kind of make you look lopsided but, at least with the skirt it doesn't make you head seem off (LOL).

For my Valentine's Day dress I chose a red lining with black polka dot lace overlay.  At first, I had no idea of how I was going to make it work with the 2 effects coming together but, the idea was there.  So, I started with the black dot lace, available Here.  Then I cut the main body pieces out of Charmeuse, available Here.
I had a few ideas about the strap pieces because I kept trying to think of leather and then I ended up going with a black satin to match the lace.
Ok, now that the cat is out of the bag, let's see where we are.  The first thing that I am contemplating about changing are the dots.  In the front bodice, I see dots that don't match and I have thought about changing their line up to where they will look more appealing to me and possibly others who will be looking at it.  I had a hard time at first because I was trying to use red thread.  I ended up using both red and black thread so that I could see which end was up or should I say seams were up.  I haven't pressed the bodice seams (darts) yet because they are still basted in black and I thought the dot lines from the lace were going to be a concern for me from the beginning.
This is the back of the dress.  Remember I said I wanted to go with leather at the neck.  I changed my mind here because leather just didn't appeal to me after I started working on the theory of changing the way the neck closed.  I wanted a tie in the back that would make a bow and not have to use the hook and eyes.  The only hook & eye I wanted was at the zipper closure.
The lace was a stretchy type lace so I had to baste it to the bodice pieces overnight (24hrs.) to allow for the extra hang to happen.  Once I am ready to hem, I will trim the excess, baste the hem, then stitch.  I didn't want to finish the dress then have saggy lace.

I like the way this pattern is working out.  I know I could have gone with a more simple choice of fabric, but this is how I saw it and I had to go with it.  The pattern itself is quite simple and a good fix for Spring.  The instructions are written well and the illustrations are to the point.  I just hope I can work out all my kinks in time to wear it for Spring.  Stay tuned for the finish.

Lots of Love

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