Thursday, March 3, 2016

Simplicity Sew Simple A1394


I was so excited about this past weekend's wedding I almost forgot to post my dress.   So, I am going to post mine and then another one that I did for my daughter.  I wasn't a major part of the wedding and I decided to go on the understated side with a simple maxi dress for myself.

To start, I really didn't have a maxi dress pattern that I liked, but I had something that I had been eyeing since last Summer.  Simplicity Sew Simple A1394.   I got the pattern one day while I was out shopping at Wal-Mart.  I always go by the craft department when I go to Walli World.  It gives me good vibes any time I am around fabric and anything crafty.  For some strange reason this pattern caught my attention and I actually saw myself making one or two of them then, but I got busy with life and getting around to it was on my slow list.

Well, as with any fashion conscious woman, I needed something to wear and this pattern came back to mind as something simple and easy.  I knew I had several pieces of knit that would make this dress up nicely and there you have dress for the occasion.   

I used a gold colored knit fabric and line it with white single knit because I couldn't find tricot and didn't have it on hand.

This twisty piece was original to the design.  I looked at it and thought it would be too bulky for me and decided to go with a simpler look that was more in line with my design and look for me.

I decided to use a small strip of fabric that I stitched together and applied some stones to, then attached it to the center of the bodice.

I took the same piece that was a rectangle shape, divided it in the middle and stitched a basting line down the center and gathered the center along with the sides.
This is the sides and the under arm.
End result was perfect for me.  The dress was easy and a good sew.  I like this look much better that the way the pattern had it set up.  I was also able to add about 2" to the back to give a small train. 

I actually made adjustments to wear high heels, but found out about 3 days after I finished this dress that the occasion would be a stand up and short ceremony.  I opted not to make any length changes because if I were to wear this dress again, heels would definitely be on the board.  Instead of worrying about heels, I found a pair of ballerina flats that went so well with this dress.

Here I am with my baby girl.  I would love to say that I thought about taking full pictures, but it was way too chilly and a little windy for me.

The Review

Pattern Description:  Misses knit maxi dress.

Pattern Sizing:  8-10-12-14-16-18

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Yes.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes.  The illustrations were good and very clear in which direction to go.  The wording was good as well.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  I love it when a pattern doesn't have a lot of pieces and construction time is limited to how much time you want to apply.  The simplicity of it was a joy.

Fabric Used:  Some type of gold looking knit.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:  I added 2" to the bottom to make a small train and switched the center tie piece (picture 2-4).

Conclusion:  I like this pattern because it is an easy smooth sew.  There were a lot of inspiration modifications for the bodice center piece and I plan on making a few more with some of those different elements. 
Fabric can be a highlight to this dress.  It can be used to make a formal (which is what I did) or an every day dress.  I think this pattern would look nice cut at different lengths as well.  Try just above the knee, hi-lo from ankles or the knee.  With this dress, you can have a closet full of cute, quick, easy dresses.

Thank you for joining me today.  I hope you had fun reading today's post.  Until next time.....

Lots Of Love

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Vogue 1032 Wedding Dress Reveal


When last I posted, I was bursting to let a secret out.  So, this will be a continued post about the construction of the wedding dress that I was making for a friend.  I will try not to be too wordy or too picture heavy as we get closer to the reveal. 

Ok, Here were my thoughts about constructing the dress using lace as the main fabric.  I knew I needed to use a base fabric to hold everything together and a lightweight satin in white was what I used.

After the muslin fitting, I took the muslin apart and used it as the pattern for the dress.  I cut each piece separate.  Satin first, lace, then lining.  Once I had all the pieces I stitched the lace to the satin. 
 Each section was sewn individually.  The bodice was done first.
Then the back was attached to that.

Front View
Back View
Before I actually stepped back to look at the dress, I had cut out the back pieces together.  When I looked at the pieces, I saw that the back was funny looking and decided to mirror one of the sides.  Good thing I had lots of lace left. 

Dress before the sparklies.

Sleeve set with the scallop forming the tip at the wrist.
 Well, I know I said I couldn't wait  for the final reveal and here it is.  My friends, Mr. Paul and Mrs. Shandell Kardeen.  Congratulations!!!!

Shandell was so beautiful and I'm not saying that because I made the dress, but because she is really beautiful inside as well as outside.
The train was really long.  I ended up cutting 12" off and this is the length that was left.

The mirrored back panels

Shandell's favorite crew

Dad and I giving kisses for years of Luck and Love
This was a moment I will never forget.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your Forever memories.  I love you Shandell and pray that God will bless you and Paul with many years of happiness.

There were a lot of different things that was done to make this dress personal to my friend.  I think I followed the style that she wanted and fulfilled her main desires.  She was very happy and danced the night away. 

My view on the pattern without the alterations...  It is a good pattern with the exceptions of 1- The train is very long.  2- The V is very open.  It goes down to the center of the breast bone.  3-  This dress is for a very flat stomach or shapely formed woman.  Construction was time consuming with adding the lace, but it might would have gone a little smoother and faster without the lace.  The instructions were helpful, but not necessarily used on my end. 

Upcoming Prom goers, this dress would make a beautiful dress with a few minor alterations.  It could be done in a silk, shantung, or a charmeuse.  So when looking for something different and new, this pattern kind of covers a lot of ground when it comes to making an entrance.  The colors that could be used are endless even prints would be perfect for this one.  Sewers, if you want an interesting challenge, try this one.  It will surprise you in the end.

I  enjoyed this project from start to finish and I hope you enjoyed my post.  Thank you for joining me and waiting for the reveal because I was about to burst trying to hold her secret.

Lots Of Love