Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Semi Formal Butterick 6582, DIY


Last week I had an engagement to attend that required something a little on the formal side.  I looked through my patterns and I couldn't find anything.  I also posted my delimma and one of my online friends suggested the new Vogue 1374 (Thanks Rene'e).  Needless to say that even after her advice, which was a good choice, I still felt something else was in order for this situation.  So, I continued to search through patterns and match fabric.  Then my camera guy (my son)

When I am taking photos, there is never a dull moment.  He keeps me laughing.
said, "Oh Mom!!! You have to make this one".  I looked at the pattern (making the mental note that my children believe I can do anything) and I had past it up many times before because it appeared to be something that was going to be a little like trouble to me.

Since he picked out the pattern, I decided to let him pick out the fabric and zipper ( I didn't want to tarnish the Super Mom vision).  He is normally pretty good at dressing himself, but I don't know about how well he was going to dress me.  The pictures that I am posting are not of me in the dress and I have to apologize for that one.  But I have Sarah adjusted to full size and partially dressed (under garments) to my body shape so that we all can see what the finished garment actually looks like. I have tried the dress on and it did fit me perfectly just the way I wanted.  Here is Sarah in the pattern and fabric reveal.
This is the pattern he chose.  Butterick 6582.
The fabric is deep purple Soiree Taffeta that has a very forgiving stretch.  I didn't know that I was going to like this piece of fabric as much as I did, but I loved the feel of it while I was working with it and it made this dress turn out perfect.  Other examples of color choices for this fabric are peacock blue, Iridescent Silver, and Burgandy Red.  These colors are really perfect for holiday garments.
Shoulder gathers

Added an invisible zipper of a contrasting color.
Back split
Edge stitching on the bodice facing.
The back.
Ok, here is what I liked and didn't like about this pattern.  I liked that this pattern was basically easy.  It was easier than I thought.  There were 3 main pieces (1 front, 2 back).  The gathers at the shoulders actually made the little folds that I could see in the pattern, you just have to go with the pattern.  The dislike column is a little bit longer.  And first off would be the the V in the front.  The reason I had not made this dress before was because I could see that the V was way too high in the front for me and if I was going to wear this dress, I would have to figure out a way to lower that V, but not by much.

Using a ruler I measured 1/2" all the way down the top of the front piece.  I didn't use 1" because I was still allowing for the seam allowance to take up the other 1/2".  I then added 1/2" to the bottom of the upper left pieces and upper facing.  This allowed for an extra inch to be taken from the V and give me the lower neckline that I was looking for.  The boatneck feeling that I was getting from the pattern didn't appeal to me (not for this dress).  Overall, I liked this pattern and I love this fabric.  The fabric is so dark until it almost looks black, but it is lovely.

Sad to say I was unable to make the social event, but there is always next year and I have the perfect dress for the occasion.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I look forward to our next adventure very excitedly.  I've started Christmas presents so Sarah will be my model for the next few post.  Happy Holidays and lots of sewing fun to you.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Honoring My Nations Veterans


When it came time for the photos of my last project, I thought about the fact that Veteran's Day was just around the corner.  I wanted to show some of the sights that are here in South Carolina and the park that I chose was The Veteran's Memorial Park.

As a military spouse of 17 years, I know what it takes to be in the military and to be a part of such a huge organization.  There were many times while my husband was deployed that I could not believe that another day of separation, loneliness, and worry would enter my life.  But those days turned into years.  I can still remember the hours of prayer for his safe return home.  When he was injured during the Iraq War such an awful feeling of doom and agony came over me that did not dissipate until I heard his voice and he told me that he was in Germany en route to Walter Reed in Washington, D.C.  I felt so blessed to hear him say that he was ok and that everything was intact because many of the families around me were not as fortunate as I was.  There were phone calls and officer visits almost every day.
Some of my husband's friends, comrades, and commanders did not return.  When I see a soldier I often think of how great their sacrifice is and yet I ache at how thankless their service will be to a country who cannot render them the same reward in kind.
 Less Barnwell Memorial
The words at the bottom of this stone rings true to the heart of this country's war torn veterans.  There are no words to express my gratitude for your sacrifice.  To all of you who have served,,, I humbly thank you and your families for your service and I pray you favor.

If you know a veteran or see a veteran today, give him a hug and a brief thank you,,, he deserves it.

Thank you for visiting me today,, Until next time. LOLPOH


Capeville with Butterick 5819, DIY


As I said yesterday, I have a 2 part post.  Yesterday, I posted a beautiful skirt McCall's 6842.  I can not express how pleased I am with this pattern.  I can see a lot of different skirts coming my way with this pattern leading the pack.

Now on to today's post Butterick 5819.

 I saw this cape pattern and there was something about the style that caught my eye.  Since I had seen so many different capes this year, I thought I would give the Cape a chance.  I am kind of partial to ponchos, but not capes.  I even had the grand idea of making a suit by combining the 2 patterns together and using the cape as a separate whenever an event would call for cool weather.

 So here is the info that I know you are waiting for.  This pattern was not kind to my mind.  First, I always estimate that things are going to run a little long due to that fact that I am vertically challenged (it doesn't matter how high my heels are either).  Once I fitted the pattern to Sarah I could see that some alterations in length, shape, and size were going to be in order.  I purchased this pattern in a large because that is the size that would come close to fitting me.  I believe that if I had used the smaller size I would have had to work my way up instead of down.  So, let's work our way down.

I wanted more arm to show and less length in the back.  I used my measuring tape, a yard stick, tailor's chalk, and an invisible pen.  I measured from my waist down to my knees (the pattern was way too long).  Then I pinned the pattern to Sarah (adjusta form).  From the waistline of the pattern down, I used the measurements that I took from myself to use as the cutting guide for the length.  I also subtracted 2" to make sure that the bottom would not sit in the middle of the back of my knee.

With the correct length accomplished I proceeded to measure the length of my arms.  I used this measurement to determine how long I wanted the sides of the cape to be and where I wanted it to fall on me.  From the shoulder seam to the back I used the ruler to accurately mark and measure.  I kept the front of the cape the same with the exception of tapering off from the shoulder seams.

This pattern is not clear in the complete construction of this cape,,,,Maybe I didn't read it correctly, but It was stressing the need to trim, press, and baste the seam allowances.  It did not tell you how to finish the hemming (not good for wool).  The look of the cape is nice, but I don't suggest a beginning sewist to try this one.  I think a little sewing time would be in order for all the topstitching and edgestitching that has to be done with this one.  To me this cape seemed to be UNFISHISHED.  There was so much missing from the construction and I kept waiting for 911 to rescue me, but I forged ahead, going my own way and in the last stretch I figured out how to put the collar on in an appropriate manner (Hint: there will be handstitching).  Yes, to finish this cape off take a little imagination and hand sewing.

Thank you for reading my post today.  I hope you will join me again,, Until next time,,, LOLPOH


Sunday, November 10, 2013

DIY, McCall's 6842 Flirty Skirt


I am still trying to get in a couple of projects before I start my formal for this Saturday and I found the perfect combo to do this with.  I am going to be doing this set as 2 different pieces because that is what they are.  I just happened to like them as individual pieces and thought they would mix together nicely.  So, to start off the next set of posts,, is McCall's 6842.
This is one of the new patterns for McCall's 2013 Fall/ Winter collection..  When I first saw this skirt I was in love.  Guess what?  I was right about this one.
This pattern is the greatest pattern for this skirt.  It was quick and easy.  I loved the way it came together and there weren't a lot of pieces to contend with.  If you are the girly type, this pattern is for you.  If you are a newbie,,, this pattern is definitely for you.  The fabric suggestions should not limit your imagination (linen, gaberdine, wool, and tweed)  all of these fabrics are for winter or cooler weather.  I think you could use a sateen, broadcloth, or anything along the lines of cotton for the Spring and Summer.  This is a very universal pattern and I only have rave reviews because I am going to have to do this in denim....Yeah,,, I know, so. kool, but after this coming weekend.  

Well, I am off to try my hand at something new or at least different.  Remember to keep your machine running and sew, sew, sew.  Until next time,,, LOLPOH


Friday, November 8, 2013

What's On My Mind Today? An Upcoming Formal


There were a few patterns that came out recently and due to my upcoming events for the holidays, I have been looking forward to getting my hands on some of them.  So, here are a few lookers on my mind and at the top of my Dream List.

I have a formal event coming up and this dress might fit the bill.  This is the new McCall's 6838.  For the holidays, the colors and the style of this dress is just perfect.  However, I would still put my own spin on this one.

 This little number M6833 is a great party dress and even an awesome New Year's pick.  The skirts and the waste are what makes this dress come to life.  There are different combinations to try and just because the fabric suggestions tell you to only use Brocade, Lace and Satin, that doesn't mean that you are limited in your fabric choices or your accent pieces.  The added plus with this dress is,,,there are pockets.  Yes, if you go for a more casual look the pockets are a must.  I am also willing to step outside the box and think that this could be made with a blended wool or linen for a more business look.
This is a dress that I am totally in love with.  I don't know why this dress attracted my attention so much, but it might be one of my favored pieces in the running for my up coming events this holiday season.  The only thing that I can honestly say right now,,, I love M6834.  The color might change, but this is a serious contender.

Vogue has done it again with this beautiful lace dress.  I love the idea of this dress, but I can not stress how much I do not look forward to cold weather.  When I look at this dress I get really cold.  (LOL)  BUT,,the truth is, this is very alluring, sexy, mysterious, and SIMPLY gorgeous.  Vogue 8943 would be a show stopper for any party or formal event.  I'll keep this one on the dream list too.

Vogue 1374 is a staple pattern to have in your stash.  I am really loving the style and the fabric suggestions.  With this pattern all you need is 4 yards of sparkle stretch knit (party time or bold statement), velvet ( subtle and demour), or just any kind of stretch knit fabric that catches your attention.  This pattern is a great chameleon.  All the bells and whistles without all the fuss.  Gotta Love it.

This dress has a small detail that caught my attention and I am always looking out for a double trouble dress.  Not only can Vogue 8945 do a formal easily, but with the right fabric it can transition into a great Spring and Summer dress.  The eyecatcher that made me choose this one was the sleeves.

The color of this fabric is captivating and there are endless possibilities because the fabric suggestions are simple...soft flowing fabrics, Faille, Crepe, Challis, and Linen.  The sleeve options will give ideas for further explorations during the season changes.  To me, this is a good go to pattern.  This on is going to be at the top of my dream list.

Ok, I have all of my choices together for my dress options, but I have to think about this last one.  When it comes to being around a lot of people at parties, I like to feel comfortable, confident and most of all beautiful.  I also have this thing for being an original and not seeing a body double.  I think this last pattern is more ME.  So, here goes,  Vogue 8948.

This dress is really talking to me right now.  I have all the fabric and items needed in order to make this dress right now and even get away with making a matching bolero for the red one.  I am unsure of which one to choose because I love them all.  I know that my time is short for deciding, but "crunch" time is always going to be "fun time". This is my delima for right now.

Any help with this decision might be good right now.  Give me a little nudge and we will see where it goes.

Thank you for joining me today.  Until next time,,,


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DIY Butterick 5209 Completed and Review

I am finally completed with Butterick 5209.  This was a dress pattern that was in my stash that I had been staring at every time I pulled it out and never seemed to build up the courage to tackle it.  Well, I did find the nerve about a week or so ago.  Here is the whisper about this pattern.

The V that is in the front was way too low for me.  I didn't want to alter the pattern because I had never sewn one of the Retro patterns by Butterick and I wanted to keep it original just to see if it would pan out.
Ok, I know that I am well endowed in the bust department, but the bodice is very loose fitting, adjustments are in order for this pattern.
I am pleased with the length. It is just perfect for what I believe a vintage dress should be.
This dress presents a perfect form,,,but it lacks real substance.
The V detail in the back of the neck was just way too much. ..Cute, but over the top.
The Review 

Pattern Description:  Butterick 5209

Pattern Sizing:  14-20.  I made the 16 and graded to a 14.

Fabric:  Satin.

Did it look like the photo on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Yes.

Were the instructions easy to follow?  Yes, for the most part.  The illustrations were useful.

What did you like about the pattern?  I liked that the skirt was full and flowing with a fitted waist.

Pattern alterations you made:  Because I have a bust that is a little bit larger than the normal sizing, I have to start with a 16 or 18 and then grade the rest to a 14 or 12.  Other than the normal changes in the bust, none.

Will you sew it again?  No.  I like the idea of this dress, but NO. I can't put myself through this one again.

Would you recommend this pattern to others?  Yes and No.  For beginners, it would seem easy until you start, but this is a good pattern for more advanced sewists.

Conclusion:  This started out with excitement because I really wanted to make a "vintage" dress.  My excitement was overshadowed first by the blue.  I have a peeve about the color and the name BLUE. Next, the bodice front was way too low for me.  Construction went kind of smooth until I realized that I needed  at least another 1" in the front to give more modesty to the V.   The zipper instillation was almost a nightmare because the zipper went all the way into the sleeve of the dress with a hook and eye closure.  This seemed to be awkward to me.  I can't say that I would recommend this pattern as one of my first choices, but this is going to be one of the patterns that I put to the very back and hope that I will forget this experience and try to pick it up again to see if I can make some much needed changes that will work for me.

With all of that done, I wish to thank you for riding this project out with me.  The experience is always fun and I enjoyed the challenges that comes with sewing.  Until next time,,