Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy New Years In McCall's 7160

Hi There,

It's that special time of year again when everyone is preparing for fun party times and the big new year's party.  I have been busy putting my new workspace together, but I was itching to make something cute for the upcoming holiday festivities.

For the past few months my time has been busy and very limited.  So, with everything else I have going on, I didn't want to spend a whole lot of time sitting at a machine trying to make something complicated or mind blowing.  Since, my MIA days, I've found a lot of interesting patterns that kind of fit the quick and easy bill, but McCall's 7160 was the pattern that I chose to make my life a little easier for my "cuteness" this season.

Here's a look at my Holiday Party Dress.

When I saw this pattern, I really didn't have any festive type fabrics that were in the suggested fabrics list (Jerseys, Cotton Knit, Interlock).  I studied the pattern and imagined the drape of the suggested fabrics, then realized that the dress would be pretty, yet there would be more drape than I wanted.  The line drawing can be misleading if you just go by them (They make you think you will have a full circle skirt with body).  For me, there was too much drape in the skirt.  I set out to find a piece of fabric that would give me the body look that I wanted for this dress.  If you want to know a little more about drape/body take a look at Gertie's New Blog to help explain.
I added 2" to the back to give a longer look to the back.

I think it might be a little bias of me, but I love the structure of the vintage dresses.  They seem to embody the style and shape of just about any woman.  So, I ditched the idea of drape and went for the line drawing look and used a Techno Knit that I had gotten from FabricMart.com.  The choice of fabric I used is out of stock, but something along the lines of this look can be achieved with fabric found here, here, or here

Now I'm ready for my New Year' Eve Party and looking forward to a very productive 2016.  I wish all of you a very Prosperous New Year and blessings beyond measure.  Until next time.....
Lots of Love,

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A New Work Space In The Making


Since I last posted, I have been super busy and as promised I am back with a few photos of,,,,,,,,, That's right!!!!,, My new sewing work-space!

We can all attest to not having enough space for our sewing.  I have spent the last 2 years sewing from my kitchen table and floating from room to room.  This was perfect for me when I didn't have a lot of fabric or patterns.  But, everything was always so cluttered and close.  I spent most of my time cleaning in behind myself and felt like a fish in a sardine can.

When an idea surfaced or new pattern would come out I would find myself buying double because I either couldn't find what I wanted to use at the time or I had lost what I needed in the clutter.  I'm hoping that my new space will provide me with ample room.   So, see,,,, I did have a big surprise to share with you.
This is the building being installed ,,,, I was like a kid at Christmas..... Happy, happy, happy!!!
Even though these pictures are a few weeks old, I've have been busy trying to get back on track and I have been itching to post.
There is power to the building now.  That was completed last weekend.  I'm not wasting anytime either.  I've started working in the building before the insulation and drywall can even be installed.  It might be kind of hard for the guys to get me out of there while they work, but we will have to see who will win the battle of the WILLS...lol.
 I'm getting ready for the battle and my first project is Kwik Sew K4045.  My pattern say it is K650.  It doesn't matter which one you may have because they are both the same pattern.
I am making these pants for a special person who just happens to be very tall and kind of on the buff side.  I am not a male sewer.  I thought I might better get that out the way first, since this is my first male garment, but I am going to give it my best shot.  I am using a nice chocolate twill that has a little stretch.

If you would like to see a step by step of these pants, give me a shout and I will do a quick tutorial on them.  I might even start these out with a muslin just to satisfy my own mind.

Until next time,,, Lots of Love, Dellia

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What's Been Going On With Dellia?


It has been a while since my last post and I am stopping in to give you a little heads up on what's been going on in my world.

Since my last post with the Sewing Pattern Review contest   I had a daughter to graduate high school, a relocation move, a new college student underway, plus an extra special surprise.  So, first I want to talk about my graduate and wish all new graduates the best for a successful future.  Congratulations, You've made it!!!!
  On June 6, 2015, My beautiful daughter succeeded in accomplishing 1 of her life goals, High School Graduation.  There are no words to express me joy and sadness.  I think the parents that were traveling this road with me this year and those who have been this way before, know the emotions that I have been pulling myself through at this time.
When I saw all those hopeful souls seated in the honored seats, my heart skipped and I finally came to terms with the fact and the idea that my little girl was not a little girl anymore.  I would like to say that I didn't cry, but I actually shed tears from the beginning of the ceremony until I went to sleep that night.  As a parent, I have always wanted the best for my children and tried so hard to help them accomplish their dreams. THIS dream was a long time coming (18 yrs.) and now I must prepare myself for college.  (I'm not the one who's going...lol)

It was my total plan to make my daughter's graduation dress.  But, there were unforeseen events that prevented me from finishing her dress.  Yes, I very excitedly started her dress, but didn't get to finish it.  She had picked out a pretty blue crepe that I had on hand and her pattern with her major changes that she had in mind.  When I get things more settled I will take the time to finish this dress because it was never my intentions for this dress to be in the UFO files.

Once I had an idea from my daughter about how she wanted her dress to look, we thumbed through patterns and I couldn't find anything quit like she wanted.  She kept saying that she wanted a full,,, Full skirt.  I wasn't sure how I was going to get that out of what I had because most patterns weren't showing me a really full skirt.

So, I came up with a blended (FrankenPattern) of my own.  My 2 choices, with her approval, was

Simplicity 1157 for the bodice.  My daughter really liked the way the bodice and back from this dress looked and thought that it would suit her style for this particular day.  However, She was not impressed by the skirt.  She thought that the skirt was a bit frumpy.  I agreed that it could use a little fine tuning, but I didn't want to put the thought or work into it.

Well,  needless to say I couldn't get the skirt part off my mind when I saw a post by Manju.  I showed my daughter her dress.  The bodice was not a winner in her eyes, but the skirt made quite an impression.  Manju's take on Vogue 8998 was so pretty to me.  The fabric choice and fit was exceptional and lured me to my pattern stash.

I tried to get my daughter to let me make View A from the V8998, but she didn't like the bodice back.

So, where do I begin with putting this monster together.  I started with the bodice and began remaking the pattern that would accommodate my picky daughter.

 After I figured out how I wanted the bodice..(wasted fabric here)  Tell you about that one in a few.  I began working on the back.
I left the skirt measurements the same as the pattern from the waist to the hip, but added 1" from the hip to the hem.

I was very pleased with how everything was coming together until a family emergency took me out of the sewing mood.  This is where I stopped with her dress and decided to file it under UFO status.

I know I haven't finished this dress, but I am planning on taking it out really soon.  I have relocated and if you have ever moved,,, I know you know my frustration.  I can't find anything and I am still unpacking and planning for an awesome 2016 year.

Again to all my 2015 graduates,,,, Congratulations and be blessed!!

Until next time,,,, which there will be some blog unloading before I can fall back into my sewing,, Thank you for joining me.

Lots of Love

Saturday, May 23, 2015

BurdaStyle Featured Member Project


Today I am excited to the 10th power.  Responding to my messages brings me so much joy.  It encourages me to strive harder at making others inspired enough to want to pull out whatever form of craftiness they desire and start a project.

This morning I want to say Thank you to Burdastlye.com. When I opened my Burdastyle member page to respond to messages, I found a very different message.  All of my messages are special, but there was one that caught my eye that I just had to share with you.

Burdastyle's online fashion editor TyMarie, has chosen one of my projects to be featured this week on Burdastyle.com's homepage.  I feel very honored, humbled, and pleased to share this moment with you. (excitement abounds)

Thank you TyMarie for choosing my project as Featured Member of The Week.

Thank you for joining me today,  Until next time,

Lots of Love

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Entries For Sewing Pattern Review 2015 Contest


A few days back I said I would be entering into the Sewing Pattern Review 2015 Wardrobe Contest.  Well, I did.  I felt the pinch of the last minute "Rush" bug coming down on me like a falling anvil from the sky.  I was still kind of confused on how to put the photos together for the gallery view, but I do have my entries in.  Not really sure if that will affect anything because this is my second contest and I'm sure these processes change all the time.

I want to share my entries with you before the contest voting starts and tell you a little about my process of making this collection,

First, I will explain how things came together.  In my review of my collection, I state that my son was my big helper in deciding which direction to take.  I was kind of wild in my thought process and wanted my collection to favor the Hamptons, but my son suggested that I was a laid-back mom.  He said that I was full of color and life and that my collection should reflect that.  So the theme for my wardrobe is Bohemian.  The name of this wardrobe is Bohemian Sunset.

I really didn't have any idea of what a Bohemian wardrobe would look like or entail and since Google is my best friend, I began with a few quick searches of Bohemian clothing.  I knew I had to dig deep for ideas because my mind will seemingly take me to a places that wasn't safe for my collection.

During my searches, I realized that Bohemian dressing has been around since the 1960s.  Mostly everything that I saw looked like everyday clotheing from the 60s and 70s.  I noticed that it wasn't so much about the detail in the clothing, but more about the types of fabric that is used to make Boho what it is.  It also has a lot to do with the person and their personal style, too.  Boho can be about lots of colors, patterns, or there can be moments of sterile whites and creams.  I found a million items labeled Boho.  I picked a few that matched my taste and went from there.

I have entered my garment pieces into the contest and if I don't win anything there, I have definately one a wardrobe that I will wear for a long time.  I love the colors and all the pieces that I made.  Since I didn't get the opportuntiy to post all the pictures in the contest, I have composited a quit video to show you the rest of them.

I want to give a very warm and loving shout out to the lady who you hear singing in my video.  This young lady has struck my heart and will stay with me for a very long time.  I love hearing her sing and as you all know, from time to time I will find something that interests me and just have a fit if I can't share it with you.  Her name is V. Bozeman.  Some of you may remember her from the season opening of "Empire".  Not only is she a beautiful young lady, but she has the voice of an angel.  Click her name for the link to her site.

Thank you all for joining me today and Please,,,Go vote!!!!  Have a great weekend.  Until next time,

Lot of  Love

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Mother's Love, Words of Inspiration To Encourage


I am cutting things down to the wire with this contest, but I haven't forgotten one of the most important days in a year.  This past May 10th was Mother's Day.  I didn't get a chance to say Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Moms in the world, but I hope I will be able to make up for that with today's post.

So, it might be coming a little late, but Happy Mother's Day.  There are not enough words to express the gratitude that I have for you.  For all the sleepless night, warm meals, hugs, and kisses, I want to share some of the love that my Mom gives to me, with you to show just a portion of my appreciation for all that you do.

After talking with my Mom over this past year,  I've asked her to do an inspiration page to give some hope.  She has conceded and I clap my hands with joy.  When I talk with her those moments take me back to when I was a child.  The love that I felt when I was in her arms, hearing her voice were so soothing. So, from time to time you will see a post from her that will be so spiritual for me and I hope you will enjoy her as much as I do.  She keeps me going.  To her, I say, I love you more today than I did yesterday, I will love you more tomorrow than I did today, I will love you into eternity.  To all of my readers, My Mom.



Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pattern Review Contest FinallyStarted


When I last posted, I was kind of in a rush to get started on my contest entries for the 2015 Wardrobe Contest for Sewing Pattern Review.  I wasn't sure that I would be able to make all of my projects in time for entry, but I seem to be coming along just about on schedule.

PR suggests that you make a story board to kind of keep you on track with your ideas.  So, I started trying to put things in order for myself and some where along the line I think I got side tracked with getting my projects done until I ended up with 1 extra piece.  I'm in a slight dilemma because the rules wants----4 tops, 3 pants, and 2 reviewer's choice items.

The idea for my wardrobe came together out of a random question.  I asked myself out loud what would be my theme or what colors would I used and my son blurted out, "Do something Bohemian!"  Needless to say, I wasn't keen on that idea because I wanted something a little more structured with clean lines.  After thinking about it for a few minutes my son went into detail as to why he thought Bohemian was,,, Me.  He told me to look at myself.  So, I did.  Then he proceeded to ask me a series of questions that really made sense.
1- What do you want most from your clothes?
2- What do you want them to say?
3- How will you wear them?
4- Will they be a 1 hit wonder or something that you will want to wear more than once?

Wow, I hadn't thought about that.  Well, no time like the present.  I venture to say that I was well aware that I wanted functionality and long term wear out of whatever it was that I was making.  I began looking through my fabric stash while my son started perusing the patterns.  When we both met at the cutting table I found that we matched fabric and patterns to the 9s.  He reads me like a book.  We look at the patterns and compare them to the fabric, but there was a missing piece.  I felt I needed a piece of fabric that would make my collection cohesive and bring things into focus.  Guess what?  Fabric Mart here I come!

I found this beautiful double border Ikat Challis at Fabric Mart.  It seems that no matter what I'm doing Fabric Mart is my go to store for the strange and unusual fabric.
At the time, I wasn't sure of what to make with it, but it seemed to fit his idea of Bohemian flare.  So, I went with it.  I also got my hands on the most beautiful wool gauze.
This gauze looked so good on their page and I had passed it over several time before, but this time I wasn't going to leave it behind.  I grabbed my yardage quickly.  Look at those sequins running through it and it's wool.  Love it!!

But continuing my stroll though fabric central (Fabric Mart)  I found a Tootsie Roll orange Twill Challis.
I thought to myself,,, this is a plan coming together!  With all the prom festivities and hurriedness out of the way, I could really do my Spring/ Summer wardrobe freely, but I could also feel the "crunch" of time kicking in.

Here is a shot of my "Story Board".  I made several, but this is the one for the actual pieces that I will be making or have made thus far and will be modeling.

                                   Bohemian Sunset

and here's the extra piece

Ok, That just about does it for this one.  Please join me as I begin posting my Individual items in the next coming days.  I'll be preparing for the final looks.

Thank you for being a part of my stressful push, Until next time..

Lots of Love

Monday, April 27, 2015

Vogue Hot Picks For Summer 2015


I am so amazed at the patterns for this Summer.  I have looked through the new looks and found that there are several must haves for my stash.  I've even got is figured out what fabrics I want to make my Summer picks with or at least think I want for them because I always buy a fabric for a specific pattern, but once I see the two together I change things around until it all makes sense.

Taking a quick look.

V1541- I love the look of this top.  It's nicely tailored with an interesting front peplum.

 The skirt has some surprising details, too.  I think this ensemble would be a definate must for today's fashion forward ladies.  The fabric choices are a plus in my book because "DENIM" is on the list.

Yellow, that's one of my favorite colors and V1445 sets the stage with some serious detail work.

 Very pretty shaped hemline.

Here, you can see a slight V opening  leading to a raised neckline.  No side seams, but this pattern uses edgestitching for detail.  Perfect for the modest conscious.

An exposed zipper gives the  back a lot of detail.  This was a must have fall in love moment for me.  Great every day, work, or date night dress.  Fabric suggestions are Crepe, Stretch Faille, and Double Knit.

Vogue 1448 Is on my list because of it's softness and it has pockets.  This dress looks like it was created with soft fabrics in mind.  I love how the pattern envelope dress depicts this pattern.  It really shows the designer's intentions for the dress.  Hopefully, I will get around to putting this one in my closet, but there's still more to view before I put this one on the top of my "ta do" list.
 Vogue 1449-  This is the cutest dress I've seen in a while.  It reminds me of some of the dresses from the 70s.  Details are in the pleats, sleeves, and the neck.

While the dress body is made from a Sateen, Crepe, or Lightweight Twill, the neck collar is made with a knit.  I can see many ways to put this lovely together and it goes at the top of must have ta do.

I have mixed feelings about my next pattern.  I haven't really figured out what draws me to this pattern, but I have to mention it.
Vogue 1454- I don't know if I am drawn to this or repelled, but this one is very interesting to me for some reason.

The overall look is very modern and "Hip".  I like the model in the black and white.  It's saying something to me, but I can't quit put my hands on it.


The details are in the skirt about mid thigh and the back of the blouse in the back.  This is an interesting pattern for me and most likely would be a challenge sense I'm not sure of my love/ hate relationship with it.  However,  I seeks a challenge.  What about you?

My "Sleeper" pattern is Vogue 9108 by Marcy Tilton.
My thoughts when I first saw this one was that I absolutely hate a dress and leggings together, but if I were going to put this together for me, the dress is what makes this a perfect lounge dress.

The center mesh piece on the bodice is so kool.  It has pockets and it's made with jersey fabric.  I absolutely am looking at this one in solids or some type of matching prints.  I think this one is a little busy, but the line drawings are what kept me interested.

The back detail with the straps make this "Sleeper" come to life.  I would put mine together with a tank for Summer wear.

Honorable Mentions:
Vogue 9103 
Vogue 9102 
Vogue 9107

Vogue 1447 
Vogue 9116 
Vogue 9101 
This pattern seems to be one that will have staying power because it is a natural free form Jersey fabric staple.  I would love to have one of these in any and every color known to fabric.
Vogue 9104
I love this dress.  I wasn't sure about the neck because the Summer sun can be hot, but I think with the fabric suggestions,,,,Crepe de Chine, Lightweight Jersey, Lightweight Broadcloth, the heat can be cooled down and I actually prefer the Crepe de Chine for evening and Jersey for a day look.  Which ever fabric design that you decide to come up with for this one is totally up to you, but play with it and have fun.  I'm thinking a Chiffon will make it stand out for a romantic beach wear look ie,,cover-up.

Wow, that was a brain full, but that's all I have for the Vogue Summer 2015 line of patterns.  I haven't delved into them as of yet, but I have high hopes and lots of vision for a few of them.

Thank you for joining me today and I look forward to our next post.  Until then,

Lot of Love\