Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow The Next


As I am sitting here looking out my kitchen window I am amazed at how fast and serious the weather changes.  Just Monday I was outside taking pictures in the sun.  Today I am shut in the house with about 2 inches of snow and two school children home with me for the day.

I  look out into the streets of my neighborhood and I see my neighbor's children enjoying a brief frolic in the snow.  Then suddenly my two girls fly past me dressed double in jackets, hats, and gloves.  Their giggles and laughter joined in with the children across the road.  I could hear screams of joy and see snowballs flying in the air.  

When I looked out the window the night before the snow began to fall from the sky, there was a glow throughout my neighborhood.  It was as if the night was alight with a million tiny bulbs.  I was seeing nature's beauty at its best and its not so bad worst.  In my mind I would be outside playing, making snowmen, and dancing with the night just as much as I could hear the voices in the distance doing.  I love to look at the snow but, I do not like the cold that comes with such a lovely enticement.

Since I come from a small southern town, it was very seldom that I had the opportunity to see snow.  All year around we wore light jackets and simple boots to keep the low temperatures abay I can only remember snow being in my town about two or three times during my life.  I don't know but, there might have been more times that snow has graced my little town with its presence.  However, this snow thing is something new for me and it seems to chill me to the bone.  I find myself with mixed emotions and thoughts about it being right outside my door.  Do I like snow or don't I?  I made my mind up years ago,,,,I don't like the cold, but I do like snow.

The sun is out and very slowly "snow" is disappearing.  The birds are outside playing and chirping.  The birds chirping are the sounds that I look for.  They let me know that Spring is on the way and so is lots more fun in the sun.
Until next time, Stay warm.


Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY, Camel Color Sweater


Today my post is about a thought that I had been dreaming of and wanted to see in action.  I had been trying to come up with a light jacket/ sweater that was quick and easy with the least amount of pieces.  Here is a look at what I came up with.

Fleece sweater (no pattern) by Me, Vintage handbag from my Mom, Red ballerina flats from my closet.

Thank you for joining me today. Until next time


Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Search For Good Fabric


I am always looking for fabric that today's patterns call for but, I have found very generic fabric in the retail stores.  I am like a lot of thrifty shopper, I want to get the most bang for my buck.  So, I went on another fabric shop hunt.  I tried google search for local fabric shops and that wasn't any help at all. However, I did decided to visit one of the shops that I had seen while I was out and about.

House of Fabrics on 1312 Main St. was my shop of choice. I had visited this little shop a while back and instantly I fell in love with the ambiance of this quaint mom & pop fabric store.  I enjoyed every moment spent looking at the different fabrics and I even got a chance to touch a few.  The highlight of it all was when the owner, Lori Brown catered to just me and made my visit a more pleasant experience.

While I was browsing Lori gave me a little background tour of how the House of Fabrics came to fruition.  She explained that the business was started by her grandparents in 1957.  At the time of her grandparents ownership the store specialized mostly in wedding and formal clothing and that they had lived in the apartment above the store.  Up until the late 70's it was a common practice for business owners to live where they worked and it was a lot more economical.

Now that Lori is the owner, she stated, "I do not tend to specialize in any one thing because my customers are mainly people involved in the arts who want a diverse selection". Her shop is right in the thick of things on Main St. and just a few blocks from the University of South Carolina.  Lori said that she wanted to accommodate the changing trends of today's sewists while continuing to maintain the good customer service that has been a part of  her family's business since its opening in 1957.

It was interesting to hear that Lori's mother did not pick up on the "crafty bug", but Lori and a couple of her siblings (2 brothers and 1 sister) did venture off into some areas of crafting.  She said that she had a sister in Charleston  South Carolina who was involved with the theatre there.  I did notice that there were a lot of customers that came in wanting crystals.  One lady explained that she needed the crystals to add to a costume.  I was so wanting to help put those stones on her costume but, that might have been a can of worms to be opened at another time.  As I waited for Lori to attend to her other customers I continued to look at some of the other fabric.  Once she came back to me, Lori began a show and tell of some of the most beautiful fabrics. Here's a look see.
Sequin Mesh in gold and silver with white mesh, $12.99 py 
This is the white mesh laying flat.  I also found out that the lining for this piece was $2.99 py
Green Silk with green lining.  Heavy weight satin to line was around $5.98py
White mesh ready for the perfect wedding dress
My personal favorite, black leather ( fabric on top) back with black vinyl.
House of Fabrics prices and quality were absolutely amazing.  There was so much for me to see and I have to mention the wools.   I was mesmerized by this one piece of red.

I was also given a tip about the new Gingher Featherweight Scissors.  I had seen them before but, I have been very skeptical of how well they would work compared to the weight of  my  8" all steel Gingher Serrated Edge Scissors.  Before I got my Ginghers cutting any type of fabric was a chore especially if I used a set of scissors that were lightweight.  However, Lori gave me a demonstration by pulling out a strip of fabric and began cutting.  After seeing this demonstration I believe I have to have a pair of those scissors.  They live up to the Gingher name.
New Gingher 8" Featherweight
8" Gingher Steel.  I call them Gingers because they cut so sweet.
Lori demonstrates how well the Gingher Featherweights work.  These scissors cut like a hot knife cutting butter, awesome cut.
 With every customer that entered I could hear the excitement in Lori's voice.   I felt a sense of warmth and genuine care that flowed from her to her customers.  It was as if she was with them the whole way through whatever project they would be making.  That wholesome feeling and personal touch that I got while I was there is difficult to find in a generic store.  And besides, I like being pampered through my projects.  Her cool and quick knowledge bank was a burst of fresh energy.

I look forward to making more trips to The House of Fabrics.  If you find yourself in the Columbia area with a little time on your hands take a walk downtown and check out Lori's special shop.  You will be glad you did.

Thank you for reading my post.  Until next time,,,LOLPOH

Thank you Lori for such a beautiful day at The House of Fabrics.  I love you and your store.  See you soon!

Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY, New Look 6648, PinkChiffon Knit Completed


I have just completed the Chiffon blouse for my daugher and here is how it turned out.
 I made a few changes to the front.  I took out the V cut and added the full circle to the neck.  I explained yesterday how I made the pattern for the front.
 I wanted to make sure that my daughter had enough draping in the front, so I added 1" to the front and the back bodice.  When I connected the band to the blouse I had to gather between the 2 notches.
Sleeve with the elastic.
Neckband done with a single stitch.
Draping that I was trying to achieve,,,accomplished.

I went into this project thinking that it would be easy and quick,,I was right.  After starting at point A-Joining the shoulders.  B- Connect the neck binding to the right side of the fabric, then press, fold over and stitch.  C- Join the bottom part of the sleeve and prepare the elastic ( 2 1/2") for the wrist section between the 2 dots.  D- I serged my seams, so I stitched my elastic (centered) on the back side of the seam line, then folded over the elastic part before hemming the sleeves.  E- Then I gathered between the notches at the bottom of the blouse and began preparations for the band.  F- I then gathered between the dots on the sides of the band and matched the notches from the band to the notches on the bottom of the blouse.  Once the band was connected to the blouse, I was finished.

I liked this pattern for it's sheer simplicity.  It took about an hour in construction time, but when you make changes, that will add to the construction time.

I hope you enjoyed today's post.  Until next time,,, LOLPOH


DIY, New Look 6648 In Pink Chiffon


My oldest daughter is trying to get my best fabric for her little whims.  I am going to say it again, as a mother, I do what I have to do to make sure my girls are happy.  So, there goes another piece of lovely fabric to my eldest daughter.

Since school is out for the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday, my oldest daughter decided she would help me get "reorganized" and during her organizing she spotted a pretty Chiffon Knit that I had had in my knit department.  She wowed and gasped with wide eyes and delight at the many things I could make her out of this one little 3 yards of fabric.  She didn't ask me what I was going to make with it, but she instantly started looking for a pattern that she wanted and then presented me with her idea for my gorgeous fabric.  Well, I thought about it and look at her choices and we both agreed on New Look 6648.
This style of top is really what my daughter lives for.  She loves the ease of throwing something loose and flowy on with a pair of jeans and walking out the door.  I don't fuss with her about her style because as she gets older I can see some of where she is going.  So, the task for today is going to put together View B with the high neck from View A.

I am not above a daughter's request, but she is asking a little too much of the Mommy brain.  But, let me show you how I am going to remedy this.  First, I took tissue paper from the Christmas holidays and taped 2 pieces together to make 1 long whole piece.  Then, I took both front pattern pieces and overlaid them to where both sets of lines were even at the bottom, center fold, and neck top.  I used weights so that I could see the lines through all 3 piece (the front piece from View B was laid first, View A over that, then the tissue over the both of those).  Then I used my long ruler to draw the straight lines and curved ruler to draw the curves.  I then transfered all markings to the tissue pattern piece, cut it out, and now I am ready to place on my fabric.
The piece on the top is the altered piece.

Even though I am going to be making changes to this pattern I found a great Sew A Long by Colleen G Lea that shows how to make View B as it is.  This project is going to be my one day project because she wants to wear it when she goes back to school Wednesday.  So, I'll be busy today working to get this blouse ready to go for her.

Until next time,  LOLPOH


Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY, New Look 0916/ 6231 A Jacket for Mom


Today I am going to share a little something that I made for my mother.  A couple of months ago I made her a jacket McCall's 6844 and she loved it.  I don't think she was too crazy about the color, but it did wear her down.  So, in favor of her request ( she doesn't like jackets with collars), I've made her another jacket to go into her stylish wardrobe.

New Look 0916 was the patter that I chose.  I liked that jacket so much until I decided to try it in plaid
.  Yes, plaid.  I knew there were going to be challenges for the plaid thing, but I thought,,,,"My Mom is so worth it".  The jacket didn't call for a lining, but I had to put a lining in it so that she could wear it with other outfits and feel comfortable with her jacket choice.  I struggled for about a week off and on with this plaid.  Hope you like it because my Mother is a real trooper, she says she loves it,, but I'm going to wait until she wears it before I leap with happiness.

Added a button instead of a hook & eye

 For some reason Sarah and I could not agree to what size she was suppose to be, but I promise the lining is very much on point.  I just didn't adjust Sarah completely to fit this jacket, but when my Mom tried it on during the construction phase, I knew I would have a perfect fit.  Now that I am finished with it I don't know if I want to mail it or just wait until next month to take it to her.  I love to see her smile, so ,,, we'll see.

The Review

Pattern Description:  Misses wardrobe.  Jacket, skirt, and pants.  I made the jacket.
Pattern Sizing:  6-16.  I made size 12.
Did it look like the photo on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Yes, I think so.
Were the instructions easy to follow?  Yes, this was pretty easy with the exception of the lining.  
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:  I added a lining and added about 2" to the back of the peplum.
Would you recommend it to others?  Yes, I think this is a good staple jacket either lined or without lining.  
Conclusion:  I like the look of the jacket.  It is very modern and it adds a little flirt to any outfit that you might just happen to pair it with.  I think this would be a definite for any color.  Without the lining it is also a quick put together project. Luv it.

I hope you enjoyed my post today.  Thank you, Until next time.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Burda Magazine Draped Dress Part 2


I finally finished the Burda Magazine dress and I am pleased with how it turned out.  I don't really like the way they have it styled in the book because that is not really how the dress will fit. When I left we were working on the shoulder and applying the band pieces.  Here are a few finishing touches photos.
The shoulders have to be joined with the wrong sides facing.  I pressed the seams open and they laid together perfectly.
Once you get the bands set, sew very close to the edge (topstitch) to finish the shoulders and the sleeve section.
This is what the sleeve and should will look like.
This is a fitting on Sarah.  I didn't like how short it was coming up on me.  Tried to think of a way to make it to where it wasn't so short.

Styled the way is was in the article.
Well, I didn't like it styled the way it was in the article, so I made my own style.  If you go by what you see when you're finished, you might be tempted to start all over, but I wanted to see this project to the end.  I am going to give it a 5 thumbs up and say I should have followed my gut and a friend on the color.  Any way, here's how I will be wearing it in the future.

Shoes are from, jewelry is something from my closet.

I am happy that I went with this pattern.   I did have to make a few alterations on the sides of the skirt once I got is put together.  The only thing I did was tighten it so that it would fit the way it does in the magazine photos.  I used silk fabric and as an after thought I believe this dress would have done more of what I wanted if I had chosen a knit fabric and another color (LOL).  However, I still like this one and I can see another one in the future.

Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time, here I am acting up with my camera guy (my son) dancing to Brittney Spears "Give Me More".

My best Brittney impersonation.