Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Birthday With Kwik Sew 3854


Since I was in the mood to make shorts this week for my oldest daughter,  she talked me into making her a pair of birthday shorts.  She had her color in mind and went to the pattern drawer and pulled out Kwik Sew 3854.  Normally it takes a "Peace Treaty" for her to stand still long enough for me to make something for her but, this time was so very different and I was so very pleased.

My little Misses chose a red kona cotton and gold military buttons.  From the very start I could tell that she had  a vision in her head.  First, She told me that we were going to the mall, but somehow she got sidetracked with going to Target.  While we were in Target she found a golden cream colored top.  Her eyes were beaming when she said, "This is going to look great!"  Of course, I didn't know what was going to look great but, she had this thing in her head that she was determined to see.  She then picked out a pretty pair of red sandals.  I agreed to her choice because I couldn't see what she was thinking.  All week she was going back and forth about how nice her outfit was going to look.  All I could do was make the shorts that she wanted.

From time to time I would reminisce about the day she was born.  Today, some few years ago, I was blessed with a beautiful little girl.  Boy has she come a long way.  The calamity before her birth is what makes her birthday so special and so memorable.  That day was filled with excitement and many great memories.  My sister "Auntie" was sitting in a chair next to my hospital bed with her jacket pulled up to her nose and only her eyes showing.   It was my intentions that she be there with me as an attempt to dissuade her from engaging in practices that would lead her away from her long term goals.  My back felt like a herd of elephants were running on it but, I laughed through the many waves of contractions.  When my Mom stepped around the corner down the hall and spoke with the nurse, my sister heard her voice and ran to meet her (Mission Accomplished).  The nurse handed my Mom a pair of scrubs, and we were off to delivery.

In the delivery room was my doctor.  There will never be enough words to thank him for all that he did for me that day.  There are many doctors in this world BUT, my doctor, Dr. Gary B. Sullivan is the best.  The first appointment that I had with him was so uplifting and encouraging.  Through the many years that I have known him, he has proven that he had been given GIFTED HANDS and exemplifies his gift through his well shown passion for his patients.  I have personally been blessed by his PAY IT FORWARD take on bedside service.  Again, when you find a doctor who is irreplaceable, delight.

Now for the birthday shorts.

Top (Target), Jewelry (Target and Handcock Fabrics), Sandals (Target), Shorts (Me, her Mom)
She got up early to get these pictures and she was very happy to oblige.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

This pattern was a great pattern.  I liked the middle insert placket that makes the pockets.  I know she will have me making a few more of these, so I do advise this pattern for the Summer short wearers.  I also think it is a good pattern for beginners who want to try stepping up their sewing skills, e.g., stitch the ditch, button holes, understitching, and waistband setting.

Thank you for joining me today, Until next time.

Lots Of Love,

Monday, April 21, 2014

DIY, Simplicity 1501, Shorts


Today I am so excited about my recent project.  I made some "shorts".  Simplicity came out with a sleepwear pattern that I thought was too cute to pass up.  I have been hiding it from myself for a while because I loved the look of the shorts and I was fighting snow. .The top didn't really make a statement to me, but the shorts were really talking.

Views C, D, and E are very basic boxer type shorts.  I liked how they were embellished, but the other views were what caught my attention (the tulip look).  My whole objective was to make some regular shorts that I could put my trusty pockets in but, I decided that I needed a universal garment.  I like dual duty clothes and Simplicity 1501 View H definitely fit the bill for me.

For some reason I liked all versions of this short.

After I was finished with my shorts, my daughter decided that she wanted a pair, so I ended up making 2.
The fabric is a cream color with yellow, taupe, and black flowers.  I got this from Joann's Quilter's Cotton collection.  I used my bias seam binder to attach the binding.  If you don't have a binding machine, this would be the next be thing.  Here's a close up of the binding.
Here is my binder.  Upside down picture..(LOL)
The shorts that I made for my daughter are a lighter weight cotton and it has an ombre look of pink and orange.
I tried my short on and they are so comfy.  I know there will be more of these this Summer.  This pattern didn't require a lot of fabric (1/4 yd according to which pair you choose).  It also didn't require a lot of time.  The hardest part of this project was the bias and that was pretty smooth with the binder foot.

Thank you for joining me today and if you ever get in the mood for a quick pair of shorts, try this pattern.  They are just for sleeping.

Lots Of Love

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tutorial, New Look 6206 Part 2


When we left yesterday, we had completely assembled the bodice of New Look 6206.  If you haven't done the adjustments to the back elastic, please do so now because the next couple of rounds will go by kind of fast.

Let's start this segment with the embellishments and finish out with the completed garment.  I didn't use any with this dress because the fabric itself is adornment enough, but if you are using a solid color or you want your dress to be little bit on the jazzy side then this is the point where you would want to add those in.  In Step 7, the instructions show you how to apply either ribbon, beads, sequins, or just whatever style choice you pick, to the dress.  There are a lot of ways to style this dress with embellishments, but the simplest and prettiest would be to add it to the midriff as instructed.

If you are not going to do anything special to the bodice then let's begin with the skirt construction.  I began with the back pieces.  Match the notches and then the rest of your raw edges, then stitch.
Once the center back is stitched, press the seam open.
At this point, the whole back is completed.  Now you want to join the front panel to the back.  Match the notches together and pin.  Do this for both sides.
When all the side seams are completed open the seams and press.  You should have 3 sets of pressed seams.
Your skirt is now assembled.  The next step is very important for the balance of the dress.  When I opened, I mentioned an area for embellishments.  There is a little dot at the very center of the pattern about 5/8" from the seam line.  This dot has a dual purpose.  It helps with any trims that you have and it is a guide for the V in the center front.

Your next to final step is going to be tricky...(LOL) BUT not really.  You have to connect the top to the skirt.  This will be step 9 on the instruction sheet.  With all thicknesses together pin the top to the skirt.  I like to pin the seams and dots first, then fill in from there.  Match the bodice small dot (that you made when you first began) with the small dot that is in the center of the skirt front.
Stitch through the 3 layers and it should turn out either like this or better.
Stitched .  See the center dot?  This is what you want to keep an eye on to guide you to the V look.
Well, that seems to be just about it.  OOPs.. we have to put a hem in this one and then we can be out the door.  Real time construction is about 2 or 3 hours.  It depends on you and the fabric you are using, but either way this is a really neat dress.  I love it.  Here's a look at the finished dress.

This complete our tutorial for NL6206.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I look forward to our time together. Be sure to leave a comment.  Until next time,

Lots Of Love

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tutorial, New Look 6206 Part 1


Recently I was asked to do a tutorial on New Look 6206.  I had made this dress as a Semi-Formal for my daughter last year.  Here is a picture of the dress that I made her.
This was view A.  Today for the tutorial I will be doing view B.  I'm not going to say that this is the only pattern out there with this style of bodice, so I did a brief search and found a few patterns that will give the same style of look.  Pattern 1, Pattern 2, Pattern 3, Pattern 4, Pattern 5, Pattern 6, etc.  Now that you get the picture of finding what style of pattern that you want, I'll start with this pattern since it is one that I have on hand and I've already ventured into before.  On my daughter's dress I made changes to the skirt (fitted) and I shortened the skirt to fit her.  With this tutorial I will be making the dress as it is in the pattern.
Here are the items I will be using for this tutorial.  I will try not to serge,  but that will be hard.  The fabric that I used for the first dress is a glitter double knit (fancy/ formal).  The fabric that I am using for this project is a Rayon knit.  It feels like cotton jersey, but it's soft and flowing which is something that I wanted for this particular dress.

To start, this is a pattern that has to be assembled in 3 parts, the bodice, then the skirt, and then join those 2 together.  You can start with either the bodice or the skirt first, but I like to go with the hardest first,,,the bodice.   Once all the pattern pieces are all cut out, notches, and markings are done you are ready to begin.
Of all the markings and sewing that you will do with this garment, these are the most important markings.  These are the markings that make the V in the center of the dress.  There will be 4 layers to have to make the markings through.  Be sure that you clip and mark through all 4 layers.
For View B, this is the first step.  With both pieces you will need to stitch from the large dot to the small dot.  One set of bodice will be facing outward and the other will be the lining/ back to the front.  Your stitches should be set to zig-zag and you might want to have a ball point needle which is better for sewing knits.
 This is what both pieces will look like with the center stitched together.  Press the seam on both pieces open.  Then take the bodice back and match the notches to the bodice front notches (side) for both pieces.
All of the previous photos are step 3 from the instruction sheet.  Be sure to press your seams open.  Next is step 4,  stitching all of this together.  Here is where I do what I do best,,,,PIN,PIN,PIN.
I pinned all the way around even to where the dots are where I began my first stitch.  I started my stitch close to the dot then stitched all the way around to the other side of the bodice and the other set of dots.  This is Step 4 from the instructions sheet.
After I finish joining the bodice pieces, I trim.  Trimming will take away some of the bulkiness especially on the ties and the underarm, but DO NOT cut beyond the seam line that joins to the back(show you why later).
When you are done trimming the excess, turn the bodice right side out and press.  At the bottom of Step 4 there is an important message and here is what it says "Stitch straps and upper edge of back, breaking and reinforcing stitching at large dots.  Layer seams".  This would seem to be difficult, but it's not.  What this means is the little V that you made first has to be adjusted.  The instructions are telling to to cut, break, or do what you need to do in order to get the look. (Please, no stretching)
When the center seam is lined up and centered the way you want,,,Press it, keeping the front seams flat.  This will keep the bodice pretty and neat.  On to step 5.  Step 5 is why you didn't trim all the way around the bodice.  Here you have to add your elastic to the bodice back.  Use the elastic guide to show you how much elastic is needed for the back.  Some of you will need less elastic, but go by the guide as a general rule and then try your top on and cut down from there.
In Step 5, you can see that the elastic goes just beyond the seams.  Pin both ends of the elastic down according to the instructions.  If you look close to the picture below you will see that I placed the elastic edge just at the seam that joins the two back bodice pieces.  This is how you will pin the elastic all the way across, tugging gently to make sure that the back bodice and the elastic are evened out.  Once pinned down, stitch.
As you stitch the elastic to the back bodice, tug the elastic as you sew from pin to pin, but try not to pull the fabric.

This is the finished bodice back.  At this point try the bodice on and see if the back is tight enough or loose enough.  How ever you decide to fit your bodice, here is where you will make the change in the fit.

Thus far we have completed the bodice.  In my next post I will be visiting Step 7, the possibility of embellishments and completing the skirt.

Thank you for joining me today.  Until next time,

Lots of Love,

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Look 6048 Completed And Review


Last week I started pattern NL 6048.  It is a sundress with options for a halter strap or regular straps.  I chose the halter strap look simply because I hadn't had a halter in a long time.  This project was suppose to take me a couple of day, but it ended up taking longer.  Here's why,  I decided that I could not tell which end was up or down, so I have been organizing my sewing area.  That was something that has been on my mind for a while and I just never seemed to have the time to get is going.  Even though I was busy organizing, I was seriously trying to finish this project.  It was like having a ball and chain wrapped around my fingers weighing me down. So, here's the finished work.
The Review

Pattern Description: Misses sundress with strap options (halter/2 straps).  
Pattern Sizing:  4-16
Fabric:  Cotton
Did it look like the photo on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Not really sure.
Were the instructions easy to follow?  Yes.
What did you like about the pattern?  The look of the dress.  I love the skirt.  The pockets are all but invisible.
Pattern alterations you made:  I added 1" to the bodice bottom and back bottom.  
Will you sew it again?  No.  I don't really like it as much as I thought, but it is a good dress.
Would you recommend this pattern to others?  Yes.
Conclusion: This pattern kind of took me in a whole different direction.  I liked the way it looked on the cover.  Construction and instruction sheet went kind of easy.  The one thing I didn't like was the top part of the sweetheart neckline.
 As you can see the front flap piece is all over the place and there are some gaps (might have tied it a little too tight), but I do plan on stitching this flap down.  I debated this for a while, but decided to show that this could be a problem for others who might would like to try this pattern.  The pattern cover that I had did not give any clues as to what type of zipper that I would need to use, but the instruction sheet had the invisible zipper as the zipper of choice.  I am beginning to like the invisible zipper.  My overall thoughts on this pattern is that it is a good pattern.  It's good for a beginner who would like to test their skills.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I am so happy that you decided to follow this experience with me.

Lots Of Love