Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY McCall's 5697 and 4762 Review

I am definitely trying to get a few last minute things done before school starts back.  It seems as if school just got out a few days ago and now it's time to start back again.  The end of my last week was stressful (my son had to go to the dentist) and this week is not going any better.  I did, however, manage to fit a few things in for my baby girl.

I have 2 reviews to give today because I made 2 separate pieces from 2 different patterns.  I wanted to make it easy for my little girl to put her little outfits together, so I chose 1 complete piece of material and made it work.  She was beaming when she saw the final outfit and then she told me that she looked like a business lady going to school..LOL 

The first is a girl's jacket from McCall's and then the skirt is also from McCall's.  I thought the two would make a darling pair and I was right. 
She couldn't wait to try it on,,so no buttons yet.

When I saw view A a couple of weeks ago, I knew I had to make some type of suit for my little girl.  This little adds the perfect touch to any outfit.  I loved the look of the long sleeves with a short jacket looked for cooler days in the Fall which is why I picked this pattern to be my one indulgence for little missy this season.

Here she is all dolled up with no particular place to go.
Suit made by MOM and the blouse is from JCPenny. 
I added some knit shorts to her skort. (M4762)

Pattern Description:  Children's Jacket (M5697) and Girl's Coordinates (M4762)

Pattern Sizing:  M5697: 7-14,  M4762: 7-12.  I cut size 12 from both patterns

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Yes.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes. 

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? With M5697, I liked the way the jacket makes a little girl look like a little girl.  It was very cute and had several different options.  Pattern M4762 was just so easy to make.  I didn't have to strain to make it and it didn't take a lot of material.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made  None.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes and Yes. M4762 was really easy.  It took about an hour to start/finish.  The jacket took a little longer, but it was a nice piece to add to her collection.

Conclusion: I loved both patterns, if I had to choose between the two, I don't think I could because they were both great.....LOVE IT!!!!

Thank you for viewing. LOLPOH,,,,Dellia

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Trip to Barnes and Nobles

My baby girl and I went out for a stroll and I could not resist the sewing bug.  For the past few days, I have been trying to make my mind up on a few book purchases that I felt would help me with my sewing skills.  My mind was washed with 2 contenders for my attention, Colette Sewing Handbook and Gertie's New Book For Better Sewing.  Between the 2 books I could not decide which one I would get to kind of guide me along my seamstress path.

While I browsed for a book for myself, my little girl found a cute little book for her entertainment and just demanded that I read a few pages to see if I liked her book.  Well, needless to say that while I perused her little book, I began to make my mind up as to which book I was going to study from next.  Here is my selection..

Out of all the things that I got, I think Adventure Time was my favorite.  My little girl has been reading to me since she got it.  I had to make her go to bed last night because she couldn't put her new book down.  The topping on the cake was my Colette.  I immediately started reading and just can't put this book down.  There are many interesting things inside these covers and let me tell you,,,If I can't put a book down, it must be good.  Every page is an attention getter.   Here is a sneak peak at the goods inside.

Yay!!! Patterns Included

There is a human modeling the dress.  Now I can really see what the dress is suppose to look like.

Fabric suggestions and chart for estimated fabric use

Size chart

This book was a great purchase.  I see a lot of useful tips and there is 1 that has me stumped.  I was taught from the that all the pattern pieces had to be laid out gong in 1 direction.  I see in this book, several different time, the flip/ flop of a pattern piece in a completely different direction, this is confusing and hard to wrap the brain around, but I'm going to try it.  Embrace the

So, I've filled my weekend with reading (studying) and reorganizing my sewing room.  I am leaning toward making the girls their coats for this season and a few Halloween costumes, either way, next week will be full of back to school business.  Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the weekend.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Simplicity 2369,, DIY Review

Since I did a tutorial on this dress, I decided to show pictures of how well it turned out and I love, love, love this pattern.

Pattern Description: Misses Dress & Separates
Pattern Sizing: 8-16
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes. Very easy, you could put it together with just the pictures. Nice pattern.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? It didn't call for a zipper and there weren't a lot of pieces. It was straight forward and concise.
Fabric Used: Jersey knit (stash find)
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made I added an inch to 2 extra inches from the hip down and added 3 inches to the length to add more body to the garment.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes and Yes. You will love this dress and there are design lines for making a shorter dress and top.
Conclusion:  I love this dress and I love this pattern.  I definately will be making more of these,,even some of the blouses.  This was an easy pattern and I look to modifying it in the future.....LOVE IT!!!!


Simplicity 2369 Sew A Long Tutorial Continued Pt 2

I am such an instant gratification person, which is why I had to try this dress on Sarah.  Once I saw the progress on her, I knew this was going to be a keeper. Yesterday we accomplished so much with out sew a long.  Now today, we are going to finish up some loose ends and try on our new maxi.  When I put up shop yesterday I noticed that there really wasn't that much left to do, so let's continue with setting the other sleeve.
I find that while you are sewing, if you put your hand/ fingers next to the presser foot, it holds the fabric perfectly still and you get an even seam. 
Once you set the other sleeve, prepare your belt ties and keep your markings in mind (check to make sure they are still there).

Next, take your neck facing, fold it in half lengthwise (wrong sides together, right side facing out).  Then pin it to the bodice making sure that the notches are aligned and the dots match up at the shoulder.  Sew the facing to the bodice, starting at one end of the neck facing (I sewed facing up).  Slowly and lightly pull the facing while you sew.
As you connect the facing, tug it just slightly so that the bodice and the facing are smooth and parallel to each other.  Continue doing this until you have the facing completely sewn to the bodice.
Any fabric that is overage, Trim it.  If you don't, it will add bulk to the finished product.
Yes, this happened to me while I was busy as a little bee.  Here's a little clue about ripping out stitches that  just aren't cooperating with you.  If you clip the bobbin thread on both ends (every few inches for longer stitches) then release a few stitches from where the problem stitch begins, then tug just like you would when making gathers, the whole stitch will come out without a fuss.

Connect the belt to the front right overlay at the pleated area.  Be sure to stretch the belt from end to end, then press the tie away from the bodice, stitch over the top, then trim the remaining end pieces on the backside. 
With the right sides together, flip the garment outside in.  I started with the left side first.  Match the belt tie with the big dot and the small dot, pin it between the front and back panels then stitch all of this together.  For the right hand side sandwich the 3 piece of fabric together (back panel, front panel, front right overlay), pin then together keeping the dots aligned, then stitch.  Be sure to check your stitch line to make sure that you haven't sewn something that you might need later and to ensure that your fabric is even. 
The ending to this is quit simple, the hem.  I always save the hem for last because I never know what I might have to do.  Earlier in the pattern the instructions wanted you to hem the sleeve after you had joined them together.  I still maintain that hemming any garment should be done last and it doesn't matter if it's at the top or the bottom.
Here is the final project.
This is where you see the 4 inches on the sides, 2 inches in the back and the 3 inches in length.
Whew,, that was fun.  I enjoyed doing this tutorial and ended up with a very nice maxi dress to boot.  Thank you for joining me.  Until next time.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Simplicity 2369 Sew A Long Tutorial Continued

Monday I began a process for making Simplicity 2369 as a tutorial.  I am posting pictures that shows the process for making this dress (long/short) or tunic.  I chose to make the long dress View A.  Here are the pictures so far and if you are sewing along with me, you'll find that this is a great pattern.
Remember I added some changes to the pattern, this is what I did.  On the front piece of pattern I added 1 inch to the hip area for about 4 inches down.  Then I added 2 inches to the rest of the front all the way down to the floor.  I felt like the pattern was to short, so I added 3 inches to the bottom to make the whole dress longer.  On the back pieces, I added 1 in to the center back until I got to the hip area, then I added 2 inches to the rest of the back down to the floor and added 3 inches to the total length (same as the front for the length).  I also added 2 inches to the sides of the pattern (the same way I added to the front of the pattern piece).
First, after cutting out your pattern & material pieces, place all your markings & cut all notches.  This is important as they will help tremendously during construction.
The instructions tells you to make the pleats in the front overlapping bodice piece.  The 2 dots (marked with tailor's chalk) should be showing as you will need them later.  If they rub off, reapply them so that you can see them. 
Once you have your pleats pinned baste them, then iron them.  Here is where you will turn under/ press for the hem on the overlap piece,  I turned my fabric under until it met my marking dots, then I pressed the allowance.  After I pressed that, then I turned it under again to make the final hem for this piece, pressed it then sewed it.  
I love the way knit fabric feels, but I have noticed that you need a more gentle hand when trying to sew and maneuver it.  Reason being, you don't want to stretch the fabric during construction because it can cause your garment to a lopsided.  So try to be as light with you fabric as it feels.
Next, the instructions tell you to join the 2 back pieces together.  I pinned my pieces from the top to the bottom.  The 1 notch at the top should be completely aligned, then pin the bottom and work your way upward making sure that you fabric pieces are even.  I began my stitch at the bottom. This makes the stitches turn out correctly and line up when you have long straight stitches.  Check often to make sure that your pieces are even.  Nothing is worse than getting to the end of a stitch only to find that you have to rip it out because it is uneven.
This is what you should have after connecting the 2 pieces that goes to the front.
This is a great picture for the actual color of the fabric, but the little dot is where you are suppose to stop at.  I decided to continue with my stitch because I didn't want to stretch the fabric as I moved it during transfer construction, so I will remove these stitches when the time comes.
Now we have to sleeves.  Sew the sleeves together at the sides with the notches, then sew the underarm together.  Press the seams open.
Then connect them with the front and back pieces.  Use the notches and bottom sleeve seam as a guide for aligning.  
Well, this ends today's part I of the sew along.  Tune in tomorrow for the finale and the big reveal.  I hope you enjoyed this session and I look forward to the finished product.  BUT,,, for those of you who are like me (instant gratification) here is a look see at what we have so far on Sarah.

Until tomorrow,,Lots Of Love and Plenty Of Hugs

Monday, July 22, 2013

It's Time To Sew A Long

I was going through my pattern stash and found a beautiful faux wrap pattern coordinate set from Simplicity.  I decided to make this pattern a sew a long tutorial.  I like that this dress is capable of being a good work dress/ pant and top set or even a night out on the town dress.  Anything that you can imagine is in this one pattern.  For this project we will need Simplicity 2369
Be sure to purchase your pattern in your size.  

Follow the pattern instructions on the back of your pattern for notions that you will need to complete this project.
I am making my project in a size 14, VIEW (A) with the sleeves from VIEW (B).  If you would like to keep the sleeves from VIEW A or VIEW C, follow the guide for material yardage for which ever one you choose to do.

My size requires 3 yards (yds) of  knit material.  Smaller sizes will use less fabric and larger sizes will basically use the same 3 yds that I will be using.  Notice that the pattern suggests using stretch knits only. That includes cotton interlocking knits, jerseys, light weight double knits, stretch velvet, novelty knits, etc.  There are a lot of different types of knits that can be used to make this project with.  You just have to choose your color and go from there.  I had some material on hand so I am going to be using that piece of material for this project.

I have read over the instructions and made a few adjustments mentally as well as to the pattern to accommodate the changes I have planned.  As I go through this sew a long, I will point out these changes so that you will know how I got my garment to look the way that I want.  Example,  I want more material at the bottom part of the dress (hips down all the way around) and I also want the back longer than the front.  I noticed while cutting the pattern out that when I measured it against Sarah (my adjust-a-form) it was a little short for my taste which is why I am making these changes.

If you are making VIEW  A, B, or C understand that you will be cutting out all of the pieces as they are combined together to cut down on the bulk of the packaging.  When cutting out your pattern, cut your pieces out as instructed according to the VIEW that you have chosen.  I will be using peces 1-7.  Pieces 5 and 6 will be cut to the make the shorter sleeve.  Save all pieces from the cutting of the pattern because you may want to change it up if you decide to do this project again (tape is your friend).

For the layout, refer to the instructions according to which project you are choosing to do.

Well, I am off to try and get ready for tomorrow.  While I am getting ready, those of you who are up for the challenge chime off and let the sewing begin and let's have fun.


DIY OOP Simplicuty 9586

Today I decided to do something a little light.  I saw this pattern in my stash and found some fabric in my fabric stash.  I like the Summery fabric (lt.weight broadcloth) and the way the picture on the cover made this pattern look fun.  The pattern is from the Junior Grooves collection from Simplicity and you might be able to purchase it from Etsy Deb's Patterns or Ebay.  I didn't make the pants, but hope to eventually.


The pattern calls for cottons, gingham, stretch wovens, challis, laundered silks, and the like.  I chose a light weight broadcloth because I had it in my stash for a while.  I think this would look great in charmeuse as well.  Any type of silky fabric would make this top special and usage very versatile

Thanks for stopping by today, LOLPOH,,,Dellia

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Today was the day for the big Hancock Super Saturday 50% off sale.
Doors opened at 9:00a.m.  I hope all of you went out and stocked up on your Burda, McCall's (.99), Simplicity (1.99), and Vogue patterns.  There is a great selection of fabric that is also on sale as well.

Now, the business of the day is pattern M6265 from McCall's Stitch'n Save.  This was a pattern that just said comfort when I saw it.  I hate to sat that it is very large.  It looks like a tent no matter how you put it.  Here are the finished pictures.  Tell me what you think.

This was a case of mistaken identity.  I saw the picture on the front of the envelope and fell in love with this pattern.  I think if I had made this out of a silky type fabric I might would have gotten the effect that I wanted, but by going with the suggested fabrics,, cotton, chambray, linen blends, and cotton blends,,this is what I got for my material and hard work  I think those fabrics are to hard for the pattern to drape the way it needs to.

Because my first try with this pattern wasn't what I had hoped, this pattern goes to the bad batch box at the very bottom.  I can't say that I will never try this pattern again, but it is very unlikely unless I get hungry for a bag.

Thanks for viewing today.  Don't forget the Burda sale.  Until next time, Lots of Love and Plenty of Hugs...